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  1. Default Father bitten by a spider?

    At least, I THINK it was a spider. He was bitten by something out in the woods here in North Carolina. I'm trying to figure out what bit him by the symptoms he's having so that I can better treat him. Any help you guys could offer would be great.

    He was bitten approximately four hours ago.

    Tangible symptoms:
    - Golf ball sized pink spot on the left side of his ribcage close to the armpit.
    - No puss or blood leakage
    - No visible bite marks
    - Surrounding skin appears healthy, not gangrene

    Intangible symptoms:
    - Chills, cold sweats
    - Pulsating warmness throughout left torso and the entire left arm
    - Vertigo

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    Ever heard of the doctors?

    Or don't you have to pay for a visit in America?

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    Minute clinic is always a good idea.
    Cheap, affordable, and usually pretty close to home.
    (Minute Clinic's are in CVS )

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    You do... And it's not very cheap, unless you have really good insurance.

    OT: It sounds like a spider bite to me. A doctor visit is a high priority right now. Go go go!

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    Sounds like a tick. Did he see the what bit him?

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    America needs a system like the NHS.

    It's free to see a doctor here (unless you want private healthcare)

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    He's seeing a doctor now. Curiosity only killed cats.

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    You wanted Obama for President, right (sorry for derailing topic)?
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    That doesn't necessarily makes him want Obama. I wanted Obama for president but I sure as hell don't want universal health care.

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    Yeah, those vagabonds without money don't deserve to survive.

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    Why wouldn't you want universal health care?

    You can still go private if you have the money, but people with less money should be able to see a doctor at wish.

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    People with less money or fixed incomes shouldn't be taxed for not buying something they can't afford to begin with.

    I would have made that a triple positive, but then I wouldn't have not really tried to not make sense.

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    So, how's your father now Paul? Still alive I presume? :)

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    This. Also, health care, as a form of insurance, is a business service, not a right. You pay money in exchange for your health insurance paying the majority of your medical expenses. It is a commercial business, and should NEVER be handled by the government (with the exception of federal employees, who the government has every right to have a system in place to ensure that they all receive the same coverage/benefits). You should never be taxed for not buying a service, whether by personal choice or not having the money to afford it. If the government were to say "We are now going to produce automobiles. We will create a system that makes it very awkward/difficult to buy an automobile from anyone else. If you do not purchase an automobile, you will pay a tax to us for roughly the same amount as what an automobile payment would have been." would it be received warmly? No, despite the fact that it may indeed result in more poor people having a car.

    @ Above, only if he's doing science.

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    I completely disagree. The big difference between healthcare and the automobile industry is that healthcare deals with the well-being of humans, not the transport of them. Isn't the government supposed to take care of its people, making sure everyone has an equal chance at life? If you don't believe so, then I encourage you to make sure martial law is never enacted in times of pathogenic outbreak; let's just let the corporations decide how to best keep the disease from spreading. Everyone on this planet has a right to life, and thus should have an equal opportunity to medical treatments necessary to keep them alive.

    I agree that you should never be taxed for not buying a service, but that's not what Obama's health care plan does. It requires every American citizen to have healthcare, meaning they will be paying for a service they have - they just get to choose who they want to purchase from, the government or a corporation, with the government option fluid enough to be manageable for any person's income level.

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    The health care system takes care of people, and is mandatory for any community to have available. It is not mandatory for it to be free. Health INSURANCE is a service provided in a capitalistic manner, with competing companies and prices/benefits. The plan marketed as health care is the government attempting to establish its own INSURANCE service.

    You can also argue that transport is almost mandatory to survive in today's world, where businesses aren't run from home (most of the time) and many people live half an hour's DRIVE from their workplace. Even living only 5 minutes away from work by car, it takes me 20 minutes to walk. It's not difficult to say that every family needs a vehicle (particularly in more rural areas without mass transit), even if there are those who get by fine without one or can't afford it. Granted there are established mass transit services, but there are no penalties for not having a monthly subway/bus pass. Even with those services, the bus routes are run through a civilian and capitalistic business, not the government itself. Forcing a paid service/commodity upon people (or punishing them for not happily paying something that they can't budget for) is not the solution we need for our healthcare system. If the insurance needs to be made more affordable, it will also likely cover less for those who could already afford it (the money lost in payments has to come from somewhere, or else the insurance system cannot profit and thus cannot survive).



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