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    They could easily program one to be. 10 minutes of coding for $3,000?

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    then what about the def on a htp? it sure does show def above 255 and im also pretty sure hp gear with over 255 hp exists and works.. or am i stupid

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    No it doesn't.

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    Asiasoft and coding just don't go together.

    Oh, and Aufheben Circlets drop from Aufheben, right?

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    Shows it on the drop list so I'd assume so.

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    HP and mp don't max at 255 , surely. Seeing as narcian pendants give 300 of each, lol.

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    Seeing as 10 HP/MP is equivalent to 1AP point, if I'm not mistaken.

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    Maybe that's why they have no slots, so they can't screw over.

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    Yeah, I was gonna say that the Hp/Mp would cap at 255, but I thought of MoNs too.

    Explanation please.

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    For HP and MP, every 10 points count as one stat point or floor(x/10) for the tech savvy. You'll notice that when scrolling equip for hp.

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    Just like you can get 15 HP from an equip? HP is not an unsigned byte. I can understand if it's a float, though. I was wrong before.

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    I'm not sure exactly how they'll be stored but it was just an educated guess and from experience. I'll let you do the cracking. :p For example, getting an all average naricain pendant with 297 hp and 298 mp will still display it as white. Scrolling a pig headband up to 105 hp (50 base) will still be orange, but the moment it hits 110 hp, it turns blue. Also if you've seen any chaos'ed deputy stars around, hp and mp also differ by 10s and not in single digits. Only thing that doesn't follow the pattern is equipment drop (pieces that have innate hp like overalls), but then that is determined by the server and can be manipulated anytime.

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    Can i post an extraction request here? i would like the know what the aran mounts and aran lvl 200 medal are called in maplesea.

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    i would also want this, but the translations might anger some southperricans.

    /* that was supposed to be joke, no war again plz */

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    Let's all drop this okay.

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    i'd still like the names, does anybody know where i can find them?


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