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  1. Default How Much I've Spent on NX

    Someone asked me this, so I looked it up. It came out much higher than I ever excepted, so thought I'd share.

    Before anyone freaks I want to be absolutely clear on a several points.

    All NX purchases on here were direct cash from my bank account, not on credit cards, and all came after having paid all bills, after having contributed to my 401k, after having put away a specific amount in to my savings account, after groceries and even after charitable donations and came from my entertainment/mad money budget.

    I do not advocate anyone spending this much money if they do not have it. All the other things I named should come first.

    I wouldn't let myself buy NX for the first six months or so in Mardia, that's why it starts 'so late' for anyone who remembers exactly how long I'd been around there.


    For the weird amounts that include change, it's because they came from entries where I was at target or cvs or w/e and grabbed something else with the card. Those something elses were never more than 3$ and do not account for more than 2% of the total but I can't be bothered to separate them out.

    What's horrifying is I know there are people who spent more than me and probably still do.

    Considering it didn't impact my quality of life, didn't distract me from my job, my bills, my family or other responsibilities, didn't prevent me from me doing other fun things (books, movies, going out to eat, general socializing). It was definitely more than I'd have spent on a subscription based game, and way more than free, but how do you quantify whether or not I spent "too much"?

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    I noticed there 1 month you managed to spend $678. I don't know how many other ppl spend more or w/e but still that's just ridiculous.

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    It must be nice to have a steady enough income to spend like this

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    i know people who have spent over 7grand just to wash one of their characters. just to wash. so that doesnt include clothes, shops, and /* LOTS */ of gach. and their other characters.

  5. Perma-Banned

    IGN: I quit MS
    Server: but don't
    Level: see
    Job: why people
    Guild: exaggerate about
    Alliance: it...


    seven grand!!!!

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    no offense but those amounts are ridiculous for a game...almost any game

    I spend around 80 to 150$ per YEAR and I still sometimes feel that I spend more than I ought to.

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    yes 7 grand lol. that was 200+ resets to wash their BM. they already have a lvl 200 nl and are thinking about remaking an NL just to wash it fully like their bm.

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    Not hating on them or anything, but..
    Imagine telling that to someone who has no idea what MapleStory is. "I spent Seven thousand dollars on my 2d character to make it have more health". Say it out loud. It sounds moronic.
    But hey if that's what he/she wants to spend there money on go for it, not my problem.

  9. Default

    they have money i guess :|
    im not going to lie, if i had that kind of extra money, i'd probably spend alot too.

  10. Perma-Banned

    IGN: I quit MS
    Server: but don't
    Level: see
    Job: why people
    Guild: exaggerate about
    Alliance: it...


    That's like 2,258 AP resets... god dam...
    that's well over 30k HP...

  11. Default

    not quite 30k on her bm yet ~O~
    but she can take anego slaps hb'less f3

  12. Default

    You covered all your expenses, saved, got everything out of the way. Personally i see nothing wrong with it. The game is entertainment.

    Part of me wants to go back and total everything I've spent. Then another part of me just doesn't care. I know I've spent more on gas in the past year then on Nx. Might actually total up my gas for the past year. That should be a scary figure.

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    I think I spend like 150 dollars in 5 years now... That's about 30 dollars per year?

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    This. You could have spent millions on this game and it wouldn't matter as long as you weren't taking away from important things.

  16. Default

    I love how people say this kind of thing is ridiculous, and yet if you were to examine their spending on a hobby other than Maplestory that they find particularly special to them, you'd probably end up with a similar (if not higher) result.

    Maplestory is a hobby in which people like to invest their time and money. If it isn't impacting on their other responsibilities, there's nothing wrong with it. Some people like antiques, others like sports memorabilia--there are also those who like to spend their money on Maplestory. "It's all just a virtual game" arguments are moot--tangibility matters nothing when compared to someone's subjective enjoyment (take a look at varied spiritual beliefs).

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    I couldn't agree more, she went out of her way to say all the money spent was her extra saved up money and wasn't impeding on the things with higher priority.

    on an unrelated note, i read this entire post in Lelouch's voice


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    Buy me a hamptster omg with your money.




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