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Thread: [MSEA] [0.81] Aran/Neo Tokyo

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    Woah, woah, woah, you got some nice stuff there.

    World Tour Maps FTW. Too bad, I don't really like their design because they don't make much sense.. I mean.. why do some of them float in the sky?

    But yeah, even I have to admit that this is a good patch.

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    I still find it hilarious how the word Kaede, which means Maple, was translated as Ninja (I'm refering to Kaede Castle, of course). If it were translated as Maple Castle, it would have made more sense, wouldn't it?
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    Honestly, no. After all the monsters inside are based off of Ninjas.

    The only time I would see Maple Castle making more sense is if it had Maple-themed monsters inside it, like those cakes.

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    Neh, translations don't have to be direct if it makes more sense, and ninja is definatly more appropriate than maple.

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    when we get aran will be the day I will join maple again

    I quited because maple got so boring -_-

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    Direct translations can be poor,but those ones are worse than direct,sincerely.
    Maple castle makes sense,since the ninjas have a maple leaf in their clothes and headbands.
    Either goes to Kaede castle,why?
    Because,either it means Maple,either the owner of the castle is named Kaedeya.
    But they did read it or did think before translating?No.
    Just implemented the first random name that came to their mind"Oh,they're ninjas,NINJA CASTLE IT IS."
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    Like it has been explained thousand times though this topic...
    The areas are not connected,why?
    Because they're in different eras.
    Showa is in the past,same for kaede,tokyo is in the future,kamuna is stuck,and mushroom temple is in the present.
    How were those supposed to be connected if they're in different eras,plus they don't even exist in some times.
    Why showa and kaede has a sea in background,pay attention to the background of the map.
    Why they're floating in "space"?
    Because the background is shown as the time periods,same goes to Neo Tokyo,they're not connected since they're not in the same time.
    You must understand the representation,one thing is the map background,another is the era,they're in "space" since they're connected though time.
    Same goes to Odaiba2100,it doesn't has a sea in world map,but it does in the map background,because it doesn't represent the map background,but does the time period.
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    For the JMS people: Help me on this?

    Locky of AsiaSoft forums found something potentially interesting (and I'm not sure if it's related to what he's saying about not being able to advance past Shibuya, which is part of the reason why I'm asking).

    There's this small dot on the floor that, from what he's telling me, is a NPC (or probably displayed as a NPC on the map).

    Anyone know anything about it?

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    Yeah. You need to click on that NPC after defeating Shibuya Dunas to get an item needed to advance to the Roppongi maps.

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    Post forwarded to Locky. Many thanks.


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