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  1. Default The International Audience

    Many of our users are from outside of English-speaking countries with most of them being from Mexico, Netherlands, and Israel. For this reason, I have decided to add new language packs for vBulletin. The following language packs have been added --> Español, Nederlands, and Hebrew.

    Granted, these language packs are not perfect and there are a few kinks in them. I will try to work these out over the coming weeks. If you'd like to submit a translation, just let me know where the translation needs to go and the phrase and I can put it in.

    This forum is still an English forum. The addition of these language packs does not change that. Please speak in English.

    How to change your language:
    1. Click on User CP
    2. Under "Settings & Options" click on "Edit Options"
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Change "English (US)" to the language of your choice.
    4. Click "Save".

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    O_o I suppose this is a good addition?

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    Aww, how nice! This will certainly make those here who are from other countries feel a little more at-ease when browsing the forums :)


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    Supporting diversity.
    Can we have a 1337 language pack too?

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    representing the dominican republic here.

    gracias fiel.

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    Dominican Republic here, too.

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    I was wondering why my buttons were in a language that wasn't English for a while there. I figured it was some silly joke like the whole pineapple thing. I guess the forum default had shifted when these were installed and English wasn't set as the default right away.

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    Thank you, Fiel.

    Since some users (like me - not a lot of them, tho) are from Italy, mind adding italian?

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    1% of the total forum population is the benchmark. Go above this amount, and I'd be happy to do it.

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    Dang, didn't know there that that much concentration of international people. Really thoughtful thing to do though. :P It makes people feel more welcome and a little more secure about what they're doing.
    I ca say this because I'm a native English speaker, but I live in Mexico. I can handle Spanish just fine and all, but since English's my native lenguage, it makes things easier for me and makes me feel a little more comfortable. :P

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    I second that or at least force people to type out their words >:D.

    Anyway, great addition, it will come in handy when I need to practice Spanish xD.

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    Spanish for the win! (Even though I'm in the Netherlands..). I'm going to test the spanish one to see how it works.

    A few Translations for Fiel, but I'm sure he can knows spanish himself, I'll list them anyway..

    user related stuff

    forum related
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    Many of the buttons are part of the skin itself, so I can't translate everything. I'll put your translations in though.

    Also, the board names and descriptions are hard-coded. Can't translate those.

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    Wow that's pretty cool. I'm in the process of learning Hebrew and Spanish. I just may have to change things up a bit =)

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    Ah, didn't know that. I'll still put some if. If I come across some that aren't any of those I'll tell you.

    I read your post too late and updated my other one ;x. I'll leave them there in case you want anything with them.
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    On the default language the report description is in Spanish.


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    I just tried out Hebrew just to test it, looks blurry and all.

    Very nice addition Fiel!

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    Spadow, that's fixed now.



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