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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Fourth Job Skillbooks

    As we all know, in the fourth job, a Skillbook is necessary to upgrade your skills from level 10 ~> level 20, and from level 20 ~> level 30.
    A level 20 Skillbook needs at least 5 in the skill to activate, while a level 30 Skillbook needs at least 15 in the skill to activate.

    Has anyone tried this?
    1) Get the skill to level 5
    2) Use the skillbook
    3) Skillbook passes
    4) Reset the skill back to level 4

    What happens? Does the skill reset so that the skillbook's effect is nullified? (As in, it says its maxed level is 10 instead of 20, for passing the skillbook.)

    Can someone test this? Thanx.

  2. Default

    4th job resets are sold for 12,000 NX in the CS.

    I have thought about what happens if you reset it below 5 as well...anyone care to blow $12 trying it? lol

  3. Default

    my guess is it wont let you, like it wont let you reset below the min mp for washing.

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    Well Harrison, I would assume your book still "has worked" (If that's the right term). If you went to the SW Scania section and read the AlexTheDK/xKevinVo drama, you'd see xKevinVo talking about resetting his beholder (or whatever that skill is that adds attack) for Horntail and then putting all the points back in. You'd think if you had to get all the books to pass again, it'd be a major hassle. Then again, this kid has allegedly spent $15,000 on nx so I shouldnt put it past him...

    Then again, it might be like Colum's suggestion of hp washing or the Thieves not being able to reset their dex below 25 thing: You just cant do it.

    Yeah, someone test and find out xD I actually dont see anyone needing this in any practicality other than getting drunk and dumping their points into a useless skill TWO different times they leveled.

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    Just posted this somewhere else, but yeah it works.


    You can keep the effect of the skill books even after resetting the skill.
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  6. Harrisonized


    Just wondering, why did you reset Guardian by 8 points? Doesn't that cost $72 ($9 a reset.)

  7. Default

    They're actually $12 each . Used $96/$240 so far and going since I'll be having 0 points in that skill.

    As for resetting, I used to be a 1h and 2h user so I had 20 points into Guardian. Problems came up with being 1h so I decided to quit and be a permanent 2h user.

    Recently sold my shield in the MTS for 300k which will be going toward my SP funds. Now I'm just waiting to pass a Heaven's Hammer 30 book so I can reset the rest of the Guardian SPs into hammer.

  8. Default

    The books become 'usuable' at specific lvls, not its effect. But yea, the SS said it all. o-o

    Crazy thing, though, that's a hell lot of money. x_x

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    Yea I`d never think of spending that much at 1 time for nx which is just for a game....



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