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  1. Default [1.2.256] Awesome Hat! PQ!

    NOTE: I'm using another photobucket account for a few more days. Please pardon the mess.






    New Scrolls:

    액세서리 힘 주문서 70%
    액세서리류(펜던트,벨트,반지)에 힘 향상 옵션 추가.\n성공률 70%, STR+2\n실패하면 50% 확률로 아이템이 파괴된다.

    액세서리 힘 주문서 30%
    액세서리류(펜던트,벨트,반지)에 힘 향상 옵션 추가.\n성공률 30%, STR+3\n실패하면 50% 확률로 아이템이 파괴된다.

    So on and so forth for the following...

    +2 INT
    +3 INT
    +2 DEX
    +3 DEX
    +2 LUk
    +3 LUK
    +10 HP
    +30 HP
    +10 MP
    +30 MP

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    I wonder where it would'll be kind of strange if the pq was on SEA's signature area...

  3. Self-titled badass
    IGN: Gambiarra
    Server: Culverin
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    Also looks like it will be a competitive PQ. Image from Spadow, but I am not sure if I'm supposed to say this due to why he was banned.

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    I want to say that 51-70s already have too many party quests, but the hp on those monsters give me the impression that it's for 120+ people.

  5. Default

    YES. :o

  6. Default

    Lovely, another lv 60 pq. Looks like it's a competition to do the most damage though.

  7. Self-titled badass
    IGN: Gambiarra
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 131
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Century
    Alliance: Foreigners



    DO WANT! And those 7 slot capes!
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    Do my eyes deceive me, or was that a Nintendo DS medal?

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    Its in Mu Lung, I think.

  10. Default

    Fixed the NULLs

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    Meh, Another PQ in henesys. AS if it is the only town in Victoria.
    They should work on developing ellin forest, not this.

    Any thoughts on what's up with those maple weapons? They are Untradeable and for earlier lvls. I don't think those are rewards for the new PQ.

    Edit: I just saw that freaking hat. Wth?

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    Oh. And maybe this isn't a PQ. Like the "Nihal PQ" wasn't really a PQ.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
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    Guild: Contagious


    The 18 stat helm will probably be fixed. Clearly a copy paste thing with an image changed from the targa/scarlion helms.

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    What's with the Nintendo DS medal? o_O

    Is MapleStoryDS finally released?

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    Do the targa/scarlion helms give hands though? I think it was jump and speed.

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    Hmmm, there's a new tag I haven't seen before on the Cap. Hold on, I'm going to change my WZParser for it.

    The tag is "epicItem". Wasn't this used for the Balrog equips?



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