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  1. Default A Warning About Illegal (Private) Servers<br />

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    They fail at trying to keep you on the official servers, because I'd much rather have expiring items then being able to experience the complete game, plus you'd have to be pretty dumb to play one with your real info/a virus in the client. Lame.

    @ Hime's Sig, "You will be banned and then there would be ham." What the hell?
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    No, f'uck you.


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    Now I want to join a private server.

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    That's the worst piece of stuff I've heard from them lately. Most people instantly notice that this is a bad attempt to scare people to stop playing PServers.

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    This is going to turn their community even more elitist than it already is. >.>

    And there's gonna be a lot more flame wars on their forums.

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    If I had any respect to Nexon until now, I just lost it. GG Nexon, you are officially the most childish company\organization I have ever seen.

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    It's a meme.

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    Fixed it for them.

    You think they'd realized that if they are loosing players to private servers that they might be doing something to loose them? Oh, not Nexon. Never.

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    Make money?
    I lol'd.

    Identity theft?

    Oh yes, because any other normal website can't do that.

    I love you.

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    Hey guys, Southperry logs IP addresses. Everyone - flee! We're out to get you!

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    Great, now Fiel's gonna send us a virus that makes your desktop background become a chinchilla forever.

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    Now that I think about it, I think the reason why they just started with all of these GM events was to have a reason to put up this message.

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    Ummm....too late.

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    Lol another lame scare tactic. Repeat of the one they put up earlier this year/last year.

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    Not to mention that they could say a hundred things better than this:

    1. Ability to regularly launch new content. Private Servers have largely sagged in these areas because they do not have the ability to add new content without a custom client. Try adding Maker to a 0.62 PServer source. Yeah - ain't happening.
    2. WORKING content. PServers are much more buggy than the official counterpart (especially in the areas of PQs)
    3. No chance of the server shutting down by a cease and desist (though I think Nexon mentioned this briefly. They should have hit on this harder).
    4. More regular events! There is (almost) ALWAYS an event going on in the official servers. Not so in the PServers which rely on hide & seek GM games and giveaways.

    There's a lot more to like about playing on Nexon's server than playing on a PServer. This is why I don't play one. Why should Nexon scare me away from Private Servers when they could lure me in to their network instead? One should appease me more than the other.

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    Another textbook example of Nexon missing their chances and just pissing us off more.

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    "Private servers are run by individuals who already understand that they are performing an illegal activity. Thus, the goal of private server operators is to make money using the least amount of resources possible. That means they often engage in identity theft, fraud, and other means to steal funds both from the official operator, and any users of private servers."

    Maybe it's just me, but I fail to see how this logic works out. It's like saying "My brother bob stole a pack of candy. He knew what he was doing was illegal. People like him try to make money with as little effort as possible. This means they often engage in murder, rape and genocide."



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