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    Thanks a lot, Locked! Now I feel that my investment hasn't deflated as much as I thought it might have.

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    Yay love you! Hmm... do you have the details for the weapons, as in are they explicitly in the data? E.g. Dragonic Crescent is supposedly stronger against Devil-type enemies iirc.

    I do have one other suggestion, and it's regarding the current hit-box thingy. IIRC the number displayed on the link (e.g. 400%) is simply a reflection of the (-)x-axis vector. Is there anyway to improve this, such as giving the dimensions in the link (e.g. something like 400x150, probably without the %)? Do you see any need to allow the hit-box picture generated to go past the screen dimensions (e.g. Vellum's ridiculous 7000% hit box)?

    Speaking of dimensions, should maps in the database also include dimensions?


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    That's already accounted for, the weapons anyway. I don't think I'll be changing map or hit-box ranges though. Sorry.

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    That part's fine. The weapon bit, though, I'm happy if you changed the extraction pattern since Fiel's one didn't describe monster type bonus. The database does, but it shows up as "attack" just below Weapon Type, and numbers don't make sense to me...

    Anyway I'm being picky. Thanks for listening.


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    New stuff changed:

    For the longest time it seems like Fiel mixed incVarNamer with incVarName (the former which is a rate, i.e. % based increase) and I just noticed it. So I fixed that and all Var +x% will show up properly (if there are any.. I don't know of any yet but it's there just in case).

    I also fixed how item bonuses will look.


    Minor stylistic change too. Speed(n) -> Speed (n)

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    Eh... I know it's a sample, but why is it missing the STR, DEX and INT bonuses?


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    Good catch.

    While transferring over the rates, I missed a couple of the regular ones. It is fixed now.

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    New stuff in the past days:

    Event tracking added as seen in the v134 extraction. It catches all events that are from the time the script is run to the last entry.

    Speed changes are now added in Character (Changed)

    A fix to the rates thing was made that it'll display HP%: 30 instead of HP: +30% due to some issues that the latter caused on the rest of the scripts.

    Changed the order of unpacking. I'll possibly post a thread about this later.

    I believe that's it. If you have any suggestions or things added you're always free to.

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    Changes for this month:

    Removed exItem from showing up since no one knew what it did.

    Fixed character items not having their additional skill bonuses show up. It looks like the following:

    Fixed a bug that didn't allow extracting Etc.wz properly with the help of Fiel.
    MP now shows up on Mob extractions.
    Updated all scripts to allow support for job IDs over 10k (partly due to Zero).
    Misc typo changes.
    damR variable now shows up on weapons.



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