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Thread: [In Progress] GM Event Series: Find GM MesoRangers

  1. Default GM Event Series: Find GM MesoRangers

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Way to raise everyone's expectations nexon!

  3. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY



    I like their odd placement of meeting places.

    ... Bag?

  4. Default

    Can I do four/four events in a row?
    We shall see...

    So we practically have to stay on from the hours of 12 AM - 12 AM each day to wait for them?
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  5. Default

    Well they're Nexon employees, so there's really only three hours of the day they work, ever.

  6. Default

    Unless you know, how do we obtain the hours they work? haha

  7. Default

    Who wants to bet the Falcon Mesoranger will make things really hard for us and go in Ereve's training forest? >_>

  8. Default

    Lucky me

  9. Default

    There's nothing to stop us from using alts to get SSes. So there could potentially be a lot of copy+paste submissions.

  10. Default

    This is really pointless seeing as how they are all different days. You don't need to find them all in a row or something. Just stay close to the town of the day, and yeah.. O_o

  11. Default

    They never do!

  12. Default


    They don't even have a designated channel, do they? D:

    Probably won't just participate. >_>

  13. Default

    Hopefully they'll smega something, or else this is going to be really hard and not even all people are will win lol.

  14. Default

    I lol'd. Nexon finally admits.

  15. Default

    Since when was there an event by Nexon that was not a nightmare?

    Yeah, sure is surprising huh... If they were trying to be funny with this, they could have said something else rather than something that showcases their weakness right out into the open. Then again, most people that play the forsaken game is too stupid to put 2+2 together anyway.

  16. Default

    I know.

    I like how they don't include the times.

    $5 says they happen at like 8 am.

  17. Default

    lol 8am?!

    GM's are still tucked up in bed and haven't been woken by their mommies yet.



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