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  1. Default Godly Scrolled Items

    Well, haven't seen a thread like this here before, and what's a forum without one? I'll start off with a few of my equips.
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  2. Default

    self scrolled and sold to eHoly for 65m lol
    the overall is not mine its 26int 6slots left

  3. Default

    Really old screen shot of phoenix wands scrolled and gone. Typically I deleted the ss of my 15/117 >_>. I remember making loads of mesos from scrolling these below average wands.


  4. Masoukishin of Wind
    IGN: Xieryn, Cerilryn
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 50, 1
    Job: Hunter, Infighter to be
    Guild: SkyPirates



    I made these a couple days ago, and I think they're pretty good :)

  5. Default

    omg@ the last one. That's salmost better then my codar ):

  6. Default

    Whoa hey darth. I still have this, but this ss is from awhile ago


  7. Default

    most expensive thing ive ever scrolled


  8. Default

    Still debating what to do with these.

    Btw, I think the thread title should get rid of "godly" and just keep it to items scrolled by others.
    What's godly to one isn't to another.
    And the population of them are minimum =[.

  9. Default

    Sure, I'll try to do that.

  10. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    Well, i did have a SS of the 11 dex 30 ACC Blue Wisconsin i had scrolled but i deleted it >_>

    but heres another hing i scrolled XD

    undersold it by 2xx mil :(*

    NVM found a pic with the Wisconsin XD MARVEL AT IT!!

  11. ☆ ♥ ツ Straight Female
    IGN: QuIt!!!
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 184
    Job: ♥Bishop
    Guild: QUIT!
    Alliance: quit quit QUIT


    Earring for Luk o.O ... Since when?

  12. Default

    Patch .56 I think.

  13. Default

    my pride and joy. self scrolled.


  14. Default

    [S]I have a truely epic pair of Shoes on my Islander... just too lazy to go on. :P[/S]

    I lost them. ._.
    Have these, scrolled with Trade, ewiknow, but thought it odd that they retained the traditional Scrolling Name thing. o_o

    *I don't get on much*
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  15. Default

    Dorksies' 21atk/14str shield (7x30%, clean fence)

    My 111atk/14str Red katana (4x30%, 2x60%, 87atk base)

    My 4str/15dex/2acc/9speed Dark commodore pants (1x30%, 6x70%, 4str/2acc base)

    Pants aren't necesarily "godly", but I like them.

  16. Default

    I'll be coming here after I scroll my Godly Heavens Gate.
    Lulzgasm. ;]

  17. Default

    only thing i ever scrolled that is not a pile of poop


  18. Default


  19. ☆ ♥ ツ Straight Female
    IGN: QuIt!!!
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 184
    Job: ♥Bishop
    Guild: QUIT!
    Alliance: quit quit QUIT


    How come that shield isn't gold? I thought that shield would for sure be considered "godly".

  20. Neutron
    IGN: hibikimura
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 140
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: TurtleHeroes
    Alliance: KhainiHeroes


    the color of the item actually depends on the total number of stats above average an item is. the shield is 35 stats above average (+14 str and +21 atk) which still ends up as purple. (i'm not too sure what number above avg it has to be in order to be gold)

    an even odder case would be a 21 atk bwg, which would still be blue because it is 'only' 21 stats above average.



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