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Thread: [Notice] Scheduled Maintenance

  1. Default Scheduled Maintenance

  2. Default

    "Drop Rates Increased for all Aramia's Books and all Pasta Alphabet Letters"


  3. Water Female
    IGN: KatCoroiion
    Server: Bera
    Level: 183
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Risk
    Alliance: Bastion
    Farm: Bumblefsck


    B>Stackable letters, goddamn

  4. Default

    Right. By god, those letters are annoying as hell.

  5. Default

    Me lurn spel bettur nao?

  6. Electron
    IGN: QwikSea
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: AncientLife
    Alliance: TimeLess


    But then we will never be able to spell maplestory and get a red potion prize

  7. Default

    LF> Letter M, then I can just forget the whole thing.

    I spelled NEXON and WIZET at friday's summoning event 9 times over total and got NPC-able junk and ores >_>.

  8. Default

    I get my M's from Ratz.

  9. Default

    *cocks rifle*

    Keep those goddamn letters away from me

  10. Default

    As do Jr. Sentinels.

  11. Default

    It was moved back two hours.

  12. Default

    If no one has realised, Maple is up early.
    Concluded at 5.07am apparently.

  13. Default

    I don't think so, my maple crashes when i try to get to the log in screen now. It crashed before that after i typed my pin saying "could not connect to the log in server".

  14. Default

    good .. so its not just me then. im going back to bed till nexon figures it out



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