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    Original source is GemiaSpy? If so who/what is that? Sound unofficial or a really poor choice of GM name. Or is it from the SEA main site?
    But if its true, how is it even possible to put 30 days instead of 1 day in the description, and more importantly, who on gods green earth would even consider buying it for 1 day? Even the nimwits at Nexon global would consider that a dumb idea, hope we get 30 days here, because Nexon won't earn a dime with an overpriced 1 day service that you can't build your stats around.
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    She is MapleSEA forums moderator.
    And here is the official notice on MapleSEA website

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    d r a t.

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    I just hope GMS does not get that damn natuto equips! I'll never see the end to it. All they need is Steely CS item :P
    I wonder if we will get kadge castle sooner or later?

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    Was thinking the exact same thing.

    Also that female ninja looks sexy.


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