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    I'm kind of jealous they're getting Naruto/FMA equips. I want Ed's Armor.

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    Do copywright laws not exist in Singapore or something? o_o

    If they can release them there im sure they could here somehow...

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    the price cannot compare liek tat luh dude...
    sgd is not the same as usd...=.=|||
    after the conversion rate..they wuld be almost equal...
    and the patch is awesome, we gt kaeda castle...and we getting aran soon....
    dun put negative comment on our patch when u didnt get it...
    is like chinese saying->when u cant eat the grapes u say the grapes are sour...duhh...

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    They peeked with the Eradinus Bandana’s, not really digging those Hercules ones.

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    New non-nx mount, even if it is an event, is much wanted, even if it expires. Hopefully, we can also get Kaede soon(Considering we have had Zipangu with no other world tours, and the fact there are no more areas to add from Korea), along with the expected aran for all versions (Using the same delays for Cygnus, (6 months for SEA and 8 of Global) SEA should be getting it around December, and Global around February. Giving a month or two earlier or later. And just no at the anime stuff (as much as the naruto and stuff is fitting with that patch, i'd sacrifice the rest for not having 173748392 narutards running around with their stupid macros and KSing)

  6. Mercury
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    Can someone tell me what this is? Like, what it has to do with the patch and such.

    At first, I thought it was a monster. Come on, live tornados would make an awesome monster. I've always pictured a tornado being an enemy. I could imagine a really interesting party quest where you run out of the burning woods from a tornado (like the witch's treasure event where you jump up and away from the burning chocolate) and somehow fight it in the desolate, broken-down city. (Imagine, flying rock obstacles flying toward the tornado, hitting you would stun you, etc)

    But still, it looks WICKED awesome in my opinion. :D

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    msea: karma scissors = 12.5k Acash = ~ $8.90 USD
    GMS: karma scissors = 3k NX = $3.00 USD

    i dont see them being even near equal ;x

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    He was talking about SGD-USD.

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    I thought we were talking about vicious hammer?

    I don't see SoK's price up there in Fiel's list

  10. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    I think that this and the tree are NPCs that give you quests for two of the area bosses. Not too sure though.

    EDIT: Okay, nevermind, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about regarding the tornado thing. It might be something that removes the bot monster?

    What's up with the Yetis though? I don't think they're in Kaede Castle...
    Last edited by Alilatias; 2009-09-01 at 05:55 PM.

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    I think gms is getting ninja town soon o.o
    *Points to like every ms version*

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    good luck dude

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Apparently one Vicious Hammer is 12.5k NX, so Pendant Expansion will equal about 5k NX? For one month I can live with that.

    Sorry mate. Toad Boss overs over nine THOUSAAAND damage (seriously though, 12-13k+ damage). Good luck surviving that.

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    GL getting ohko'd no matter what you do brah.

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    But a tornado in a fire isn't a tornado anymore... It's a fire whirl.

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    Yeah okay, that's totally realistic to solo over 1b HP while you keep an HB mule alive.

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    The Pendant Expansion costs the same a Vicious Hammer, which is about 8.7k NX if you convert it.


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