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    Hurpa derp

    Narutards go go!

    What is this NPC I don't even. It has the awesome face. LOL

    And that's officially my new avatar.

    No, really, what are those new mobs/NPCs? Yeah, I know some of them are from Kaede Castle, but what about the other ones? New SEA events or what?

    LOL @ the pendant expansion costing 12500 NX.

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    The price of it is actually the same, 12500 = 12.5 A-Cash instead of NX.
    1k A-cash = 1SGD while 1 NX = 1USD.

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    Monster Riding event I guess..

  4. I AM NOW "Mute"
    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 21
    Job: None
    Guild: No where
    Alliance: Unemployment


    aww dude NOT RIGHT! they get the DeathNote weapon? WHY? (youre just jealous, shut up.)

    eh, just send the ed-overcoat to gMS and ill be happy.

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    Name: Sasuke
    "Ahh… what's going on…?"
    "How long do I have to do this…?"
    "I want to just quit and go home right now…"
    "I want to just quit and go home right now…"

    Wow old man. o_o

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    >1 NX = 1 USD

    So a 25k NX card is worth $25000?

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    anyways, 12.5 SGD = 8.65 USD (rough conversion using some website)

    so, it's fairly close. If, they're getting 2 scissors on that one.
    Otherwise, they're paying double.

    What does the event Nx Items that cost 0 Nx mean?
    are they getting all that free stuff? o_O

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    Hey wait, how much does a 25k NX card cost in the first place?

    okay, thanks ;)

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    Yeah, that's wrong. 1 NX = 0.10 cents USD. 1k NX = $1.00 etc.

    edit: beaten.

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    It costs $25...

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    12.50 SGD for it comes to about 8.60 USD for it.

    So about 8600 NX

    edit:Nvm someone posted that already lol.

    Makes their prices less obscene, but still 8600 NX every 30 days is a lot for an extra pendant.

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    You guys should do a render of the new maps instead!

    But in any case, this patch looks horrible. The translations are, the new NX prices are and the new events are as well. :/

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    wow, that toad boss has amazing EXP for its HP. looks like a new monster to kill daily for extra exp
    and i want the croco mount sadface

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    This means that nobody but merchants will be buying the expansion. Asiasoft (or whoever made that price decision) got a little greedy on this one, who's going to shell out $9 a month on a game that most people still like to think as being free?

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    is that sarcasm?

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    The pendant price seems reasonable imo. Ofc they're being greedy as usual. (And it's not even Nexon America. :P)

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    Why is it raining gumballs in that video?

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    If I recall MSea was hacked pretty hard with accounts deleted. So I'm assumign customers dropped therefore causing such a spike in price and rushed content is logical.


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