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Thread: [Notice] Kradia Channel 11 & 12

  1. Default Kradia Channel 11 & 12

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    Two channels on one server for 20 minutes. This requires an annoucement?

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    Yes, I mean it IS a whole 20 minutes. I think Kradia should get 2x compensation.

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    for just those two channels too!

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    I am sure the 5 people that play on that server apreciate the notice, don't hate guys.

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    I think 5 is a little high...maybe 4.

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    Eff three @ above.

    At least they inform so we dont d/c or w/e if we go into those chs.

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    You'll probably d/c before you see the notice. XD

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    I didn't get on until like half an hour after is was supposed to be over, but 11 and 12 weren't working still at 1pm PST. Silly Nexon.

    Edit: Okay, now the notice says it's 'til 1pm, but it didn't say that until way after 1pm.
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    that's a burn :)

    why are they taking down 2 channles though?

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    OMG, my lucky channel is 11! I had to go to channel 10, and then I had bad luck for the whole 20 minutes! I DEMAND COMPENSATION!

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    dont flame nexon, i thank them greatly for this announcement

    because of this announcement i could keep in mind that ch 10 and 11 are going to have a time-out and thus logon in ch 1-9 or 13, then when the servercheck comes i dont have to press all 4 buttons that require me to cc ( [esc]+[enter]+[arrow up]+[enter] ) which would totaly ruin my day...

    nexon thinks about their players, they set an example!

    u guys are just jeallous other servers dont get their channels checked! oh well, next time there is a servercheck in kradia u guys are all welcome to visit kradia and enjoy the check with us <3



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