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    Like I said, there are many programs for docks. I believe Windows Blinds, however converts your whole theme, not just creates a dock.

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    I have no idea, actually. I was mentioning to a friend about how I needed a new wallpaper because I like to change it up a lot and he sent me that and I loved it.

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    Found the wallpaper from a friend's site who found it somewhere I don't know. It isn't exactly my thing but it's nice.

    Also Raymoo.

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    A empty desktop is a happy desktop. Quick lauch ftw. And also my wallpaper.

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    I wonder... is it possible to use a desktop screenshot as a desktop?...

    Also, my desktop is 1680x1050, Photobucket scaled it down, otherwise it'd be gigantic.

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    I just made this after I realized how old my previous one was.

    Took about 2 hours to make because:
    1) I have no artistic direction.
    2) pomegranatety mouse.
    3) pomegranatety computer.

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    you can't see it, but my desktop screeny is my desktop

    i rearranged the icons so you can tell.

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    OOOOOOOO, a Demon Hunter fan. :D


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    Am I the only person who actually doesn't like using Docks and widgets?

    Here's my Desktop. Again, pretty empty thanks to the quick launch bar:

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    Eh, that purple hippo thing was getting on my Nerves. I changed it to something cooler now. >_>'

    Tis bee teh epik

    Epic, yah?

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    Completely Epic.

    Oh my gosh. I see my name at the bottom

    Edit: Forgot to post mine. Ooops.

    Last edited by Katie; 2008-08-01 at 02:39 AM.

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    I think I'm one of the few people that changed absolutely nothing on their desktop. ;P


    Plain desktops ftw!

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    My favorite serial killer <3

    Also, B> Joker Desktop.

    I found this one on the official site, but I'd rather have the "clean" version.
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    I like this a lot. Source?

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    this an old screen shot

    OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
    Visual Style: NV3 by invaderjohn
    Objectdock: Yours truly (not yet released)
    Winamp Skin: Yours truly
    Wallpaper: Yours truly



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