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    Boobs? In my Maplestory?

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    Looking back at Oct. 2007. i think that one got me so hyped for 4th job in December, but then they announced it for January D=

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    Obviously Nexon is trying to advertise their new Breast Implant Coupon that will be coming out shortly, along side with the Gym Membership Card to build muscles on your character.

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    if theyre coming out with a gym membership card i demand an option to become obese

  5. Neon Atom
    IGN: GatlingGaga
    Server: Demethos
    Level: 6X
    Job: Mechanic
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    Oprah can be the NPC in charge of the muscles/obese stuff. Her "coupon" will be called "Oprah's Book of the Month"... yessss.

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    November 2009

    No Krakia, huh? :P

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    Is the turkey with the bump on it's head new? Or was it ever used before?

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    People who don't own a "Nexon" folder with all calendars, images, leaf gears, desktop wallpapers and other things Nexon posted are lame.

    Also, there are some 2004 calendars, as well as the EMS\TMS\CMS\MSEA calendars. If you want I can just zip you all the folder.

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    Ew..... I hate turkey patch

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    Yes Please

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    keep in mind that last november we had pirates and that they gave no hint of it in the calander page so dont give up =p

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    Okay, apparently the folder was too big for me to upload, so I splitted it and linked whatever I could from the original sites:

    2007-2009 (GMS): already ITT
    2008 (EMS+MSEA):
    2009 (EMS):
    2008 (CMS):

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    I didn't even know Nexon made calendars.

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    Nexon has not posted it yet.

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    I some times use them as mai desktop (well if there good ones >.>)

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    kinda odd how they post it after the month is about to end or somewhere in the middle...

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    Well to use a clichť "Itís Nexon."

    It will be a low priority for them as not many users will even use them or care. I mean someone in here didnít even know they made them.



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