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Thread: [Notice] HackShield Problems

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    Last edited by Eos; 2009-08-13 at 12:48 AM. Reason: Nexon updated theirs.

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    By Erase do they mean delete the hackshield file entirely. Nexon needs to learn how to word things. Hopefully at some point they make Maplestory freaking Vista compatible so I don't have to allow and then hit run program

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    any one notice it seems a little odd that their releasing a ton of info around a "scheduled bug fix" I smell shroum winnage * cough* THIS POST *COUGH*
    any ways mr friend was haveing this issue so now he can play

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    I think we should all take shroum a lot more seriously from now on. Shroum for admin.

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    A few of my friends were having this issue, good to see they are actually fixing things.

    Everything you do is a step backwards for your time. Nor can I remember a time you have been right about these things

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    also who edited my post to make it say
    "Mr Friend"
    at first it said "my friend"

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    No one edited your post, it would have shown it under the post if it was edited.

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    You could always turn off UAC. I did it months ago.

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    it's called a typo. I would assume you're familiar with the concept, you make them quite frequently.

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    I remember for a fact typing "My friend" o.o

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    Apparently you didn't.

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    "3. Unzip the zipfile inside HShield folder."

    What the hell....they changed it.

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    they do tend to that.

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    Dude i can't delete anything in the HShield Folder

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    You aren't on Maple when you're trying to delete these files right? ;x Cause if you are, then that's the problem. Close Maple and try deleting them again.

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    Shroum, I think you're trying a bit too hard, and it's having the opposite of the desired effect.

    Just sayin'.



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