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    Is one handed weapon still the way to go for hero? I just started playing again recently and was still using a lunchbox lol but made a cheap fafnir 2h sword for now. Are atk shields still around or does the potential make having atk on your shield irreverent?

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    Default Re: 4th job advancement - Griffey/Manon

    2h is better as long as you are not hitting the damage cap (50m per line), because it has a 10% higher damage multiplier.
    If and when you start capping, however, you'll want to switch to 1h, because 1h weapons are faster, so you can get more of those cap-damage hits per second.

    Attack shields still exist, but shield attack scrolls are hard to find, and the amount of attack you can get on a shield is not that significant in this age where you can scroll every piece of your equipment for attack.
    If you are using a 2h weapon you can still use a "secondary weapon". For Heros this is something called Virtues Medal that you can buy from NPC Neville in most towns. A slightly stronger version is sold by the Evo System merchant. The Virtues Medal can't be scrolled but it can be potentialled, and that's where most of the damage is.
    If you are using a shield you will want a high-level one (71+), not the traditional Maple Shield. That is because higher level equipment can get better potential. I think a shield has to be level 100+ to get the best potential lines of %BossDamage.

  3. Default Re: 4th job advancement - Griffey/Manon

    thanks for the info. damage cap is a looooong way off so I guess I'll stick with the 2h/medallion and just not invest a ton into them.



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