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    soloing i got about 6m/h on 2x at 10x. splitting with a 13x priest yielded 8m/h on 2x, probably 7m-8m with a low level priest midmobbing.

    equips recommended...? i don't understand that question. a decent polearm, decent att gloves, and enough acc to hit the himes o.O

  2. Default What % is 7mil exp?

    What % is 7mil exp?

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    Depends on your level of course. At 100 it's about 68% an hour, at 110 it's about 40% an hour - Remember though, that's with 2x exp.

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    What should I buy next?


    3x Fighter

    6/61 sword.
    11 att WG.
    13 dex/3 acc Bathrobe
    11 dex earrings
    6 acc shoes
    4 dex 15 acc dana.
    6 Str cape.

    I got my zhelm paid for btw.

    I'll have 76 mil once I sell something.

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    What's your base dex? Your equips are fine for now, if anything, possibly an attack cape for your 5x, or just saving up for a Chainmail / DBR in the future. Really all depends on how much base you have atm.

    I'd definitely say your sword first, +7 100% on a level 90 weapon is most definitely not good. Aim for around at least 107-110 att. Save up for a better Cape after that, STR scrolled, preferably a PAC.

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    I upgraded my equips after merching a bit and selling nx, they are now:

    24/11 Chainmail
    12 att WG
    9/79 Zard
    8 STR IC2
    9 acc RSS
    11 Dex earrings
    4/15 Brown Dana.

    My base dex is 4 btw.

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    The sword first, then the cape.
    Finally, upgrade your top/bottom [or just the top, seeing as you have 60 base dex], and your equips will be semi-on-par with your zakum helm.

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    Perfectly fine for a whlie I'd say, just make sure to keep enough money for your ZHelm. If anything, a PAC would be what you can focus on that's in the reasonable range for items.

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    I was considering getting a PAC, but will that 2att>10 speed?

  10. Proton
    IGN: ProtoXNX
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    Level: 120
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    You should probably wait until you have enough money for a 3att, 8 STR PAC.
    Aside from accuracy, speed is one of the warrior's greatest weakness.

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    I solved that issue by integrating my mount, took me a number of tries (lots of deaths) but I got the hang of it. If you're funded, I don't think a 2att costs that much even, and the higher level you are, the greater the benefit is. I look at att bonuses as multipliers. So in my opinion, yes I think you should get the cape.

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    Why don't most warriors name their weapons? Isn't a bit impersonal to use it to kill thousands of monsters and not name their weapons! I named mine Tizona, after El Cid's legendary swords. A guild-mate of mine named his spear "The Spear of Destiny"...So are we strange or do other warriors do it to? It make me like I'm actually playing an RPG...=]

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    I don't name my swords. I had one for about a year, and I never named it. T_T It would of been to hard to let it go if I did, I think.

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    So impersonal! But at any rate I'm still thinking of a name for my Sparta/Fraute (Not sure what I'll be getting yet)... "Knossos" perhaps.

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    I named my spear 'Damn it, there goes my life's savings!"

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    Hmm, that would be a good name for my sparta/fraute! Although it seems like some what of a strange name D:

    Off-topic: On my hermit I named my Shadow Partner "Molotov", because he always relied on brute force diplomacy =].

  17. *sweating*
    IGN: Waniou
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    Guild: Fate/Of Reign
    Alliance: > Horde


    Nobody answered this guy! My max range is about 6000 and I 1h the little skeles most of the time and the big ones fairly often too. I would say maybe 6100 or 6200?

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    Someone asked a similar question at SW, exact question was:
    According to theoretical work, minimal thurst normal-attack dmg needed to 2 hit ko Skeles should be: 85k/2hits/3pokes/1.7berserk/1.7crusher = 4.9k

    According to my own experiments, minimal thrust damage = 73% maximal (with 80% mastery) => maximum damage range needed = 4.9k/0.73 = 6.715k

    So any range around xxxx~67xx should be able to 2 hit kill Skeles with Berserk20 99.99%
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    Wait you 1h?, I was thinking maybe 2h might be with zerk30 based on a 6200 range at best, but you'd need around 600 more max damage to 2hko with zerk20, I had 20 for awhile so I could say that based on experience.



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