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  1. Default Heartpounding boxes

    So it turns out that you can turn in polluted rocks to Gaga for Heartpounding boxes. Truth be told, there is not just one kind of heartpounding box in the game - but five - and all with the same name. Below I have listed each kind of heartpounding box and what they give.

    Heartpounding Box I

    Heartpounding Box II

    Heartpounding Box III

    Heartpounding Box IV

    Heartpounding Box V

  2. Heavily armored Humvee
    IGN: TheSovereignBowi
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: The League
    Guild: Of Draven


    Guess I'm lucky I got a 65% bow... on my Blaze.
    I'd rather turn my rocks in to Cassandra.

  3. Default

    not bad turn out o_o

    scrolls woulda been fun if you could tell which was which.

  4. Default

    Uh. Weird. Only the Artifacts, which you have to open with a NX item, give good items..

    Oh wait..

    It's NECKSON.

  5. Default

    I'm guessing the scrolls are untradeable. =\

  6. Default

    They should have put an Ele Wand in there with a .01 chance of getting it. I'd laugh so hard at the lucky fellow to actually get one.

  7. Default

    Yup, they're untradeable. Got a 65% Earring Int yesterday on my Blaze Wizard and failed it. :(

  8. Default

    your better off with cassandra her 2x meso drop and item drop are great money makers, atleast for me they are plus her various buffs stack (not the same buff but mesos + items do)

  9. Default

    Byebye Gaga, f'uck you.

    -goes back to giving them to Cassandra.

    How much EXP does the admin give you past level 30?

  10. Default

    There's quite a few nice scrolls in there, even if they are untradeable. I completed the quest probably 10-11 times getting my Blaze Wizard to 30 and I got a 65% gun. The Maple Admin only gives about double what Gaga gives and Cassandra is only good for a random buff every 30 minutes. The quest takes maybe 10 minutes to complete.

  11. かっか! Straight Male
    Server: 765Pro
    Level: 999
    Job: Puchi
    Guild: Puchimas!
    Alliance: iDOLM@STER


    No Chaos scroll >_>.. Boooo.

    JMS got this quest too, and our severely lacks Chaos Scrolls.



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