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    Can someone tel me what torn pages are?

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    The torn pages used by themselves give a random short buff for things like wep def and magic def. The other purpose is to collect 20 of them to make the "Cygnus Knight's Book". There are 3 volumes in all so you have to collect 3 sets of 20 torn pages in all. Each of the volumes tell you a bit about the Cygnus Knights and such. After you complete the volumes you can use the Cygnus Quiz books that gives you a bit of exp if you answer the question right.

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    ...Okay? Thanks Nexon, for giving us a notice for something that is insignificant.

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    Has anyone looked at the KoC site? They aren't giving us the full KoC yet. You have to have a level 20 character, instead of getting to choose between adventurer or KoC. That means Blessing of the Sprite will only work between the parent and the created char, no? If I remember right that is.

    Also, in the same tutorial it mentions that you can have up to 12 slots for chars. Maybe I'm just behind on the news, but I was sure it was max 6 in KMS, right?

    Also, who wants to bet that they'll forget to add a free slot for those who already have max slots used up for chars?

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    This is the full cygnus, this is how it started in KMS. So I assume as we get closer to aran, it will get tweaked as well.

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    It seems that Cygnus will have a separate CS inventory as well. It's the very last thing they mention in the "tutorial".

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    This event is awesome, i use Cygnus Quizzes are free W.atk+Def potions, really useful at low levels where 80 W.Def actuallly MATTERS.

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    Our current max is 6. When Cygnus was released they went from 6 to 12. I think they raised the limit again for Aran but I'm not sure... anyway that's a lot of NX to spend to upgrade slots.

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    Does anyone know if you have to have a slot to make a cygnus? I know it sounds like a dumb question, but does anyone know for sure?

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    It says so on their 'guide'. You'll get a free character slot, no need to buy one in the cash shop. If you have 3, you'll get 4 when you make your cygnus without a problem. Assuming Nexon doesn't screw up though.

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    If you make a Cygnus and get your free 4th slot, and then delete your Cygnus, does the free slot remain?

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    Yes, it should. We don't know with nexon though.

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    The free slot looks different from the regular slots, it has a throne on it, so I suppose even if you delete the cygnus, that slot has to be filled by a cygnus.

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    The 'throne' thing is when the character is created, it is part of the character itself. Not assigned to the slot. Aran have one too when created.



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