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Thread: [Notice] Royal Hair Decree

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    OMFG this pisses me off beyond compare. I was planning on getting the Alex hair for my Cygnus but wtp Nexon wants to be money grubbing papayagots and now it seems like that will never happen

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    Lol cornrows :d

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    I wanted to get one of the Royal hairstyles for my Dawn Warrior...frick.

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    Wait, why is it Royal? Those look awful, IMO.

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    They're a royal pain in the ass? Or hair I should say, in this case.

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    Because the (former) hairdresser is a prince.
    That makes them royal styles.

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    I thought they were some of the best hairs in the game.

    I have Alex right now on my Maruader, but I was planning on a new NX outfit/theme soon, and it required Eastern Mystery as the hair... maybe or maybe I won't change it before they take them out of the CS... well, if anything, the price is 20% less.

    Sucks though, I was gonna get something for my Blaze Wizard. Eh well.

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    Lol guys. you didn't read the last line: "...He will return with more hairstyles.."
    It's just another nexon trick to make people rush and buy these Hair Coupons.

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    I think it might also be that they only added 6 hairs, while KMS has much, much more. And it is also a money making technique.

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    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffsss >=0

    i spent XX on those damm royal coupons and now they have a sale </3



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