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Thread: [Notice] Scheduled Server Maintenance

  1. Default Scheduled Server Maintenance

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    They could, yes.

    Anything that's server side - damage changes, transmissions caps, quests, drops, cash shop sales, etc can be alterred during a server check.

    Rumor has it this one brings back silver/gold boxes, but that's pretty unsubstantiated just yet.

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    off topic: I just started using SP and you're everywhere lol

    On topic: I hope for boxes, zerk 30 and gen 30 REALLY need to be deflated, and chaos scroll massive deflation means i can try to scroll my MoN for fun :D

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    Fiel gives me a dime for every post.

  5. Default

    I lol'ed.

  6. Default

    Why is that funny =[ Is it because it looks like mom? LOL

    I just hope it doesnt roll back everyone btw x-x

  7. Default

    Think he realizes there are no slots?

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    Oh lordy, I sure hope they fix my monster book this time.

    I realize I've been bringing this up pretty often, but I'm just a little concerned about getting my book fixed as soon as possible.

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    osht brainfart there lol. F3

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    Really? I get a whole half-dollar for each post.

    Let's see if they can actually fix it this time around.

  11. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
    Server: vengeance
    Level: 172
    Job: ShAHHHdower


    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Gold Boxes started dropping after the SC.


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    idc what this sc is for. if they fix this hack, i dont even care if they fix monster books.

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    MW30 from Gold Boxes. Please.

    Everything else can remain unfixed for all I care.

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    Well at the very least the SC should be for proper Monster Book compensation but who knows.

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    Oh gosh. I golden moment where I agree with Pavel.

    Clearly we should marry now.

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    If any one here played kart rider or even POP kart, they know 5 hour CS updates are real.

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    Perfect timing since Mai divorced me once again.



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