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Thread: [Info] July 2009 Newsletter

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    It's the July Newsletter. It's what we should have recieved at the beginning of July were we dealing with a competent company with an effective communication strategy.

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    I've never once recieved their email version of the news letter and I'm signed up for it on six accounts.

    They just made this one visible on the Newsletter page.

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    I get it about 3 times each year on one email, out of about 4-5.

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    wtp is a triple megaphone

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    Haven't you seen the blocks of three smegas? That is a triple megaphone. Just more spam.

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    Not to mention some might get this one before the first July newsletter... {pffft}

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    I was expecting something like "Grand re-opening of Tespia!" but I guess I was wrong.. haha

    Just kidding, just kidding.. obviously I wasn't even expecting it.

    And I agree with eos - a competent company would at least send their newsletters in time, and not post the monthly newsletter by the end of the month.



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