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Thread: [Notice] Master M Quests

  1. Default Master M Quests

    These probably will not take effect until after the Server Check.

  2. Default

    Still can't change all the days I missed because you glitched the Watermelon Today's Mission, idiots. I seriously got that quest almost every other day. Oh well, at least they're fixing it.

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    Maybe I can finally become Agent Katie =(

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    Well, at least it's not much of a deal considering the event lasts 3 months :p

  5. Default

    Nexon fixing its mistakes...?

    What's next free NX?
    But I'm still uber happy!

  6. Default

    I got it 15 days in a row. . .

  7. Default

    Yes! Everything the pineappled up is getting un-pineappled up! =D

  8. Default

    and i thought i had it bad at 6 days in a row XD
    idk what im more grateful for- the ability to get the cape (and shoes) or the ability to scroll my stuff >.>

  9. Default

    I can finally get full Agent Equips! Now I will look insanely cool, and I will consider making my avatar my character!
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    Yeah it kinda says something when I've got almost as many Leather Gloves as Agent Scrolls, mostly because I can't complete the Watermelon quest, and half the time the secret box has 1 power elixir (or 3 watermelon) in it.

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    Really? You get Power Elixirs? All I get are Red Bean Sundaes.

  12. Default

    Niceeeeeee. Sometimes all I get are these weird pieces of black paper with writing and a question mark on them. I use them as tissues, and for some strange reason, they occasionally light up and make my nose larger. Huh, I wonder why...

  13. Default

    By the way, we aren't getting a free agent cape, the event with red badges is from agent P. Meaning we might or might not get the full event. Still, we get a cape. :)

  14. Default

    Looks like it is still glitched if you get chumji's watermelons as today's mission. I did the quest and handed the watermelons to agent W. Waited 5 minutes and still didn't get the box and it was still in my active quest section. I decided to log off and log back on to redo the mission. For some reason, just clicking on the admin just instantly sends me to the field without any other options. When I tried to pick up the watermelons however, it doesn't even register that i picked up any watermelons. Congratulations Nexon, you glitched the watermelon quest even more.

  15. Default won't be fixed until after the server check tonight.



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