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Thread: So Scary... T.T

  1. Harrisonized

    Default So Scary... T.T

    Today, I was training at Wolf Spiders, as usual.
    Then ZeuSpr0, a level 140 bishop comes in and start ksing.
    So we end up KSing each other for 1 hour, and then I find an ilbi.
    He says that he'll buy my ilbi and to meet him in FM.
    He buys my ilbi with his mule, but doesn't pay completely...
    telling me that I have to go see his bishop for the rest of the money.
    So I go back to Wolf Spider Cavern to see his bishop, and he pays me the rest.
    Then he says that he wants to buddylist me.
    I say no...
    Since he's been KSing me for an hour, I didn't feel like buddy listing him.

    So he buddy requests me, I reject it.
    He buddy requests me again, and I reject it.
    Then he did something hella weird, he autoclicked buddy request and I dc with no error message. Now I'm scared that I'll get hacked. Someone help me please.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Did he spam it and you D/Ced from that or did he automatically add himself to your list?

  3. Harrisonized


    He's not on my list, but I've once heard a rumor or people getting hacked through their buddy lists. >.>
    I blacklisted him upon logging back in.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    You shouldn't have anything to worry about. As long as you avoid him you're fine.

  5. Default

    You probably just disconnected from the overflow of Buddy Requests. I remember people trying to disconnect me at Kerning PQ (about two years ago), trying to spam Trade Request.

    I have my BuddyList full, filled with other people's mules to avoid stuff like this and to avoid those people that like to buddy you because you helped them get some quest item.

  6. Default

    There's a thing under Game Option where you can block Buddy List invitations.

  7. Default

    Yea, I was wondering what fear had to do with being scammed

  8. Default

    EDIT: oh, you can't do that... Probably just spamming chat, nothing more anyways.

  9. Harrisonized


    Well, playing about two years now, I've heard a great many different rumors.
    Putting them together...
    For one, a while ago, if you get chatted, you get hacked.
    I associated that with him trading me twice to get my info.
    In the guild hack, the person must force their way into the guild.
    The buddy requests made it seem as if he was trying to force his way onto my buddy list, or make me DC since he's already traded me twice.

    Eh? I don't see it.
    You can block...

    Buddy Chat
    Guild Chat
    Chat Invite
    Trade Requests
    Party Requests
    Guild Invites
    Guild Alliance Tournaments <~ Whatever that is
    Game Invites <~ Whatever that is

    I don't see the icon to block buddy requests.

  10. Default

    As long as you didn't accept. I'm pretty sure even (famous hacker here, Exidis maybe?) couldn't hack you by ACing a buddy request.

  11. Proton

    IGN: AuraPort
    Server: Windia
    Level: 191
    Job: Battle Mage
    Guild: Void
    Alliance: Snowstorm


    i'm surprised you even sold him the ilbi. especially after the rediculous terms he had set up. i mean you guys were there for an hour ks'ing each other, and you expect to trust him? i would have just held on to it and sold it in the fm.

  12. Default

    Or do what I do: Always have a full buddy list so that no one can do that. When someone you actually want to add comes along, just delete one of the spare accounts and add them xD

  13. Default

    I like having at least one spare spot in my BL, just so I can recieve buddy requests. o__o I don't have to do any spurofthemoment deletion things, so it all works for me.

  14. Proton

    IGN: Buddyless
    Server: Scania
    Level: 10x
    Job: Chief Bandit
    Guild: Presense
    Alliance: Presense


    ZeusPr0 scammed my leech before that dirty pineapple, this is what will happen to him

  15. Harrisonized


    Hopefully you're right... I changed my password and security question answer after that... so hopefully if he did get my info from ACing my buddy list, then he won't have my info.
    Well, he said he'd pay 18m for it, and ended up paying 17m at first and then gave me 2m afterwards. LoL. Even if he tried to scam me, I wouldn't lose much because 1m isn't a big deal right?
    LoL. During his KS session, apparently, he sold leech to a dit, and the dit wanted me to CC really badly. I bet the Dit didn't get very good exp for his money. Then I got him kicked from UmbrellaCorps, but he didn't stop, so I ksed him until I found the ilbi and sold it to him. Afterwards, I noticed he wasn't on ranks. He's probably an ex-hacker that got released when Nexon cleared the 9 month banned players. (I wish Nexon actually investigated who they're releasing instead of just releasing blindly.)
    Good idea, I should do that, although IDK who I should add... Mule? Random account that doesn't exist? LoLz.
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  16. Default

    Yes. Name it "deleteme593v" or something like that so you don't forget.

  17. Harrisonized


    Wait, I thought it wasn't possible to buddy people who aren't on the same channel as you. 0.o

  18. Default

    This is what happens if you send someone a buddy request:
    • If the player is online:
    • The player appears in the "offline" section of your buddy list
    • The player sees your buddy request
    • If he/she accepts, the player moves from the "offline" section to the "online section
    • If he/she declines, the player stays in the "offline" section

      If the player is offline:
    • The player appears in the "offline" section of your buddy list
    • The player sees your buddy request the next time he/she logs on
    • If he/she accepts, the player will be on the "online" section the next time you are online with him/her
    • If he/she declines, the player stays in the "offline" section

      I haven't had a player decline one of my invitations, so that part may be wrong, and I don't think channel matters. Only for party and guild requests.
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  19. DUCKS
    IGN: Mondays
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 170
    Job: White Knight
    Guild: Affinity
    Alliance: Honour


    You can't buddy list non-existant names.



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