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Thread: [Notice] Summer Events 2009!

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    Eww @ Part 1.
    NX Hoaring event, and a useless Roll Call event.

    Part 2 please.

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    "The sun is out, school is out, so it's time to hangout with your friends at MapleStory"

    How does the sun being out making you want to/ have to play MapleStory?
    Irony? o.o

    Nexon's retarted.

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    I hope part 2 is better than this. =/
    With actual GM Events and 2x EXP or 2x Drop. =[

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    I no likey the burny sky-fire thing that turns my lilly white ass into a tender red rump.

    Indoors with SPF 90 FTW.

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    So... event 3. They're going to make more NX from the two winners buying outfits than they are giving as prizes. You can only LOSE. Unless you're Nexon.

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    I have a fashion style to try out that has no NX involved (except probably the cape), but chances are it won't win >_>


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    I deem these events uninspiring, and unthoughtful >_>

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    Yeah last years event where you got a Lunchbox was so much better. They should have done something similar.

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    anyone catch nexon's retardedness on the prize for the roll call event? They broke ties with best buy a long time ago yet now they're giving out money to go spend there....

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    Oh yes, they should totally have said, no, don't play our game, go outside and do something else! Nexons not the only one being "retarted" it would seem.

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    I'd love to see who the fabulous community picks for winners of the fashion contest.


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    Does part 2 start on the 28th when Cygnus get released?

    Part 1 blows and everyone knows it, nothing of interest at all. Though I do wish Aqua Road monsters were actually that size compared to our characters.

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    Could be, but it's more likely 2 weeks after Cygnus releases as the hold-me-over bonus to the next patch after.



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