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Thread: [In Progress] Celebrating 4th of July!

  1. Default Celebrating 4th of July!

  2. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
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    So that's why I posted a topic about Independence Day Firecrackers yesterday.

    Why didn't they tell us earler?

  3. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
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    I am more interested in why this years event is so small by comparison.

  4. Default

    Because we've gotten so many big and great things the past few months, I think it's fair to let them take a small break on holiday events. Especially considering at the end of July-beginning of August, we're getting Knights of Cygnus.

    Besides, it's free 2x EXP. Good enough for me.

  5. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    Oh, I'm not complaining, I much prefer it this way, but I'm still curious as to why they are shying away from holiday events, this is seeming to become a trend of sorts.

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    Minimal effort this year. Never really enjoyed the 4th of July events much anyway.

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    'Sup. My name is Mark, and I'm a Buccaneer. My Transformation skills were glitched for more than a month. Nexon shafted me something fierce. I couldn't use anything except Demolition while Transformed in fear of being disconnected. Where were you when I needed the support of being fixed? Oh that's right...your book gets a little screwed up and then you expect Nexon to drop everything and call for an emergency patch.

    Sorry, but you might as well stop complaining.

  8. Default

    Actually, I have to agree here. Even I, being a completist, am kinda enjoying the shuffle. It's like "OH BOY! now what am I gonna have!?". You are just behaving like if the book was the only thing that existed.

    As long as they make the card event return for the pq bosses, to fix this screwup, and add that poison golem, I'll be happy.

    Meanwhile, let's see if I can net a medal on my blue king goblin card...

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    lol, better than independence day hats & flags, last year they were just annoying.
    But I still have mine :D.

  10. Default

    Nah, my complaining has less to do with my book being messed up now (although that is the root of it all) and more to do with Nexon's utter failure to address the issue and all other issues. Furthermore, that they continue profiting (or scheming, if you will) instead of taking care of their obligations. By offering NX cash for sale, they allow us to become paying customers; and as paying customers we are entitled to information (which they do not EVER provide us) and stability in all aspects of the game that our purchase pays for.

    I understand other stuff is broken and I would never attempt to silence anyone complaining about what affects their experience. The fact that people just lay down and go quiet is what allows them to continue their deplorable business methods.

    And last but... well, definitely least, I have no other way to vent my frustrations (which there are many) than by complaining. If I had the power or influence to stop people from buying NX cash I would absolutely do it, but alas, I do not. So instead I complain every time they suck the cash from unsuspecting childrens and parents pockets. Because 2x seems like a good way to make up for their failings but it's little more than a cash-milking scheme from the greedy minds of corporate (nexon) America.


    Anyway I know it's annoying but people need to stop helping them, and that's what gets me going the most.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again -

    Free To Play is Not Free To Run

    Of course Nexon obsesses on ways to make money. Without it they're bleeding money like there is no tomorrow, and that means no incentive to the keep the games everyone kvetches so heavily about but still continue to play.

    This constant calling of Nexon "Greedy" for wanting to make money off their investment is frankly annoying, regardless of who it's coming from. It's like calling a starving person greeding for wanting food. Without money, they don't exist.

    Yes they have a multitude of reasons why they legitimately suck behemoth ass, but greed isn't even in the top 10.

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    Agrees with BombsAway, you can be assured that Nexon will make another killing selling 2x cards for this 2x event.

    Nexon doesnt care about broken Buccaneer skills or broken Monster Book...If it was a CS problem it would have been addressed within hours.


    lol Eos, Nexon arent a "starving person". We call them greedy because they are an affluent obese bloated hedonist not satisfied with the money they have and are screwing their "sweatshop workers" (Us players) for even more money while treating them like crap. I'd have no problems with them making money, if their service matched their desire to make a profit.
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    I understand the costs of running a game like this are massive and take that into consideration, but Maple Story is one of the top-earning MMOs currently. Apparently in 2008 they were the #4 top earner last year, making between $150 and $500m. There is no way that their costs are any where near that. While admittedly, I don't know exactly how much it costs to run a game like this, I would estimate that at most it is $20m/year and that includes salaries.

    So calling them greedy isn't a stretch by any means.

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    And exactly how much money do you think they'll make off of this 2x event? Has it ever occured to you that maybe nexon is just trying to give us a 2x event?

  15. Default


    They'll make thousands, if not tens of thousands. And no, I'm not that naive.

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    everyone complains when the only thing a patch adds is some holiday event that pays out a couple pointless items and all in all nothing happens for a whoooooooole mooooooonth

  17. Helium Atom Male
    IGN: Scette
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    Yay, 2xp o.o, Let's quit with the complaining please and enjoy the fact cygnus is coming and that we got 2xp some more =D Let's all get along, up the peace!



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