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  1. Neon Atom

    IGN: Kensidan
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 162
    Job: Buccaneer
    Guild: KamiSama
    Alliance: KhainiHeroes


    you know, if you go to the download section for maple website, it has a manual patcher for .74, right? just change the url from ending in 74 to .75 and it gives you the next manual patcher. I already did that but there still the chance they change file size or some pomegranate. Which I think screwed some people up majorly last time but i think its same problem for anyone with pre-patching. The file size is 14.6 mb.

    here it is for 75 if you lazy

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    I forgot to check how large my package was at the time I downloaded it. Can someone help me confirm if the patch content got altered at any moment?

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    You can check yourself with a hex editor. Look for an int at offset 12 (dec). If that number changed, so did the patch file contents.

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    What inference can I make judging from this (and supposing f9 changed to another value in another ss)? It seems to me it only represents the initial letter of whatever word that follows WzPatch.


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    don't look at "02 00 00 00". That is part of the header. Look at the int past that (Offset 12 - 15). If those numbers changed, the patch file changed. This is because those four bytes represent a checksum of the patch file. I can back that up with my programs written in python and C.

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    Mhm. I was looking at 0xF9, guess I was missing out on the rest of the checksum. Thanks Fiel.

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    A new way to patch the game is now included. The topic is separated into two sections --> "For Beginners" and "For Advanced Users". The Beginners method is for using the Patch Creator, and the Advanced method is for using the Patch Reader.

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    I tried ur patchmaker with Beginner's Guide but it seems not working for me
    After I downloaded the .patch file from Nexon site; edited the .bat file then save.
    I run the .bat file but nothing happened.
    I tried running WzPatchMaker.exe and got an error message:
    "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem"
    What is my problem here?
    Do I have to install .Net Framework or something else?
    Thanks for your help, Fiel
    PS: I tried with 0.76 patch

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    No, it's coded in C++. You shouldn't need to have .NET framework. Lemme check something...

    EDIT: Updated the download link. Try the newest download. That one should work.

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    Not trying to be a bother every patch but it's not working this time, Fiel. Perhaps they changed something again?

    Last edited by Kalovale; 2009-11-11 at 05:43 AM.

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    idk about you guys, but i cant see the files of patch 0.79, i can see until patch 0.77... Nexon changed something?

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    I'm just blindingly downloading it via this link:

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    Several changes to this topic:

    I've integrated the WzPatchMaker source with my PatchReader source, so you can create a manual patcher and manually read through the patch file with the same program. I've also updated the links so that they download from Southperry directly instead of using sendspace - no more downloads not working.

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    A million thanks, Fiel.
    It's faster when I say it this way too.

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    Another update! With this update comes the following features:

    - Removed the "verifying" option due to disuse and complexity of the code
    - Added the ability to check the version of any WZ file
    - Added pre-patcher EXE file splitting

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    And yet another update:

    Version 1.3:

    - New Feature: Patch EXE hijacking.
    - Fixed the error when dealing with subdirectories in patch files

    Patch EXE hijacking:

    Let's say you have a Nexon Patch EXE file and you don't want to use their executable. You'd rather use the patching algorithms already in place for the Patcher.exe program. This is now easily possible. Use the following command:

    Patcher.exe hijack MyPrePatcher.exe

    The following will happen:
    1. Patcher.exe rips the patch file from the pre-patcher
    2. Patcher.exe then executes the patch file for itself

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    Version 1.4:

    - Code cleanup - benchmarks show that this program runs about 10 - 15% faster than previous versions
    - Removed unused or unneeded modules
    - Fixed some of the data shown to the user for hijacking and regular patch file parsing
    - Rebranded the program to be called "NXPatcher" instead of "Patcher.exe"



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