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    Yes, there will be an Aran subforum for the training center. While Aran is still technically a warrior class, it is radically different from its peers. The new board will be started close to its debut in KMS, which should be near the beginning of next month.

    Oh, and of course, there will be Aran skill tables and hoards of chinchillas.


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    Kind of a dead section for a long time, eh?

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    Will the chinchillas host any parties?

    On a more serious note: So it will be similar to the other forums, with skill tables and guides and damage forums and whatnot, correct?

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    The skill tables I can guarantee. As for the other things I can't guarantee the community will have to provide.

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    Hopefully everyone will be very supportive and post lots of guides. And stuff.

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    I'll help with what I can, just for the chinchillas though.

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    I'm not too excited for Aran like I was for Pirates or KoC. Give me reason to be excited.

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    They're way overpowered for one.

    If that's bad to you, then instead think of the new areas and bosses it could possibly bring. And that black magician is finally getting closer. Finally the end of 1 of maple's sagas?

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    Hmmmm I was just thinking... Aran's as a forced-comboing-warrior-class designated to be fighting against the Black Magician.... That would mean:

    - Black Magician's avoid has to be REALLY low for warriors not to miss him all the time
    - Since Aran's are forced to use their combo chargeup for powerfull damage, the black magician can't use SEAL,DARKNESS,SEDUCE, 1/1 attacks, because if he does that all the time, how the **** is an Aran supposed to do any good damage against him?

    Combo...1.2.3...15....19....SEAL....1...3....12... .21.... DARKNESS.... etc... that would be an epic fail...

    Any idea's how Nexon will resolve this, for the Aran class, the ultimate Black Magician killer class?

    Well... offcourse the Black Magician pwned them already by freezing them ALL up before... maybe it's a sign they're gonna suck?

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    I remember reading somewhere that the combo didn't disappear if you miss, only if you don't attack, and it'll just stay at the same number.

    And yeah, the combo system is supposed to make it a bit harder. That's why their considered the 3-star difficulty class. Though I'm sure if you have a good enough priest/bishop, you won't have to worry about those status effects. Also, seal still allows you to use regular attack, which, if I'm right, is the basis for all of the starting combos.

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    Would that ^ be acceptable in the Aran forum?
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    Looking at the trailer video, this is probably true. When he was at skeles the combo disappeared completely but he was still able to cast ice age at the end anyway.

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    So Aran is basically a comboing warrior, right?

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    Although the Aran class is really different, it's kind of weird not making a Knights of Cygnus subforum while making an Aran subforum...

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    I agree, I would be a good central point for a lot of random questions about KoC specific issues.

    You should make one All-Cygnus-Class merged subforum Fiel, I think a lot of people are gonna need it / want one. :)

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    Cygnus are almost completely identical to their Adventurer counterpart. The only significant differences are when skills are learned. There is almost zero similarity with an Aran to a Warrior other than its base HP gain and the fact that Polearms are a Warrior weapon. They could have just as well said they were Bowman who learned how to use Polearms, and pomegranate would be the same (though with less HP).

    There are no KoC specific issues that warrant their own subforum. Any such issues should be asked in Amherst or Training Centre, exactly like any Adventurer Specific issues.



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