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  1. Default [1.2.235] Even closer... (Picture heavy)

    KMST changed up the cutscene introduction on Aran. With it includes a render of Lienne.

    Lienne (screen stretching)

    Other stuff from intro


    New Equips

    Starting outfit for Aran


    How to get Medals, anonymously translated info from Insoya

    New BGMs:
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    her cape/cloak looks warm at least.

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    But this way we get to see her nipples better

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    They were frozen in ice for a couple hundred years, There not gonna be cold! @ Human Logics

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    A female gaming character wearing impractical clothing. No, never!

    I guess that Lienne is meant to be thawing out but I would have preferred if there was more snow/ice.

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    Some new medals are coming! Is that true?

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    Yeah, it's true.

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    I wonder how many new races they're looking to introduce to the game. First Cygnus, now Aran... what next?

    With each little update it's inching closer and closer, and I'm becoming all the more anxious.

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    I honestly want this more than Knights.

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    This gets more and more badass.



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