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Thread: [Notice] Extra 2x EXP This Weekend

  1. Default Extra 2x EXP This Weekend

    Another hidden one just posted. This one looks incomplete:

    Aha, they just revised it and made it visible:

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    Bah, I have to study for exams .

    Wonder if they'll give any compensation for Scania, ha ha.

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    Dang Nexon, don't go crazy with the extra 2x now!!!

    But srs. This explains why people in guild/BL were trippin out when it was 6:04 and we still had 2x lol.

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    At least they're saying, "Hey, we screwed up." The previous Nexon would not have done such a thing and we'd have gone without any sort of compesation or recovery as we've received. Still, well done Nexon for admitting your mistakes.



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