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    Took apart some Heaven's Justices I found, with lv.3 maker...
    -2 : 16 crystals
    +2 : 12 crystals
    +2 : 10 crystals
    +2 : 13 crystals

    Also forged an 89 atk 3 str Blue Screamer, using 1 low-grade black and 1 mid-grade power crystal. Not sure if the black crystal negatively affected atk or if it was just below average, as I didn't stim it. I'd like to test this more but I ran out of money (400k for the Screamer + 165k for the BC + 110k for Power adds up, not to mention cost of getting the ores)
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    I have a question that hopefully someone can answer...

    I was checking the stuff needed to make a Reverse Equinox b/c I plan on going dexless Equinox soon (getting the last of my dex gear in check)...and I noticed that my Gem section only had 1 box with a line through it.

    One of my other friends said he had 3 slots (and he's a Paladin so his hands are only a bit better than mine).

    My question is what do I have to do to get more gem slots? Do my hands have to be higher? Or is there some way I can get more b/c I was hoping to use an adv diamond, adv black crystal, and adv dark crystal to forge this knuckle.

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    You're reading it wrong.
    The [/] means the slot is not usable.
    There are four slots, so 1 [/] means three open slots. They just don't have borders around them.

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    I've also noticed that the cost of Disassembling varies. It cost me 18k or 27k to Disassemble a green ciara glove.

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    yeah i was just informed...thanks eos...LF>borders to distinct each slot >_<

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    Lol, yeah. We had to drag you back on vent, because we try to tell you before you zoom off, but you log off vent way to fast!

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    I've never had it give me a different price for an identical item, only with stat changes. And the 2 Berzerkers I disassembled had different w.atk but cost the same amount (42k)

    In order of crap i've dissassembled:

    Like a top+bottom combined give less crystal than an overall. My 2nd best crack to-date was from an Anes.
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    Yeah I was thinking about higher-stat items spitting out more monster crystals and whether it would be worth it to 100% and/or use defense scrolls on them before disassembling.

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    I don't think Monster Crystals are worth enough to bother with that, I have 40-50 of all the level 80+ ones right now and I haven't hunted a single monster since the patch. The scarcity is in time ores and powders (which when I get back to training my Paladin, I'll probably hunt the specific colours I need)

    Might be worth trying just to see what happens though. Overall dex 100%s are cheap. And if it helps like +1 crystal per scroll and you really need a specific level, you could do that to increase item efficiency.
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    It's the opposite story for me, I'm always loaded with powders, not enough Intermediate monster crystal 3s =/

    And plus, if two 70k scrolls can bring up the produced monster crystal amount by just one, that's a good deal because monster crystals of pretty much all types sell easily for 200k+ each.

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    Disassembled a 100%ed overall last night, it gave me 13 crystals, when doing a clean one, i got 11. So i would say there is no difference.

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    I disassembled a ton of junk, here they are if you're interested:

    Anything that was gray but really close to being white, I 100%'d to make orange (as shown by the 25k meso cost). Since the meso costs for equipment is different depending on color, I assumed that the amount of monster crystals you get depends on color breakpoints as well, though that red armis kind of killed it xP

    Here're more if you're interested, shows that different types of weapons have different meso costs.



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