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  1. Default [Draft] Item Maker

    Still incomplete! I'll be working on this throughout the night. If any players from versions which have this skill have input, please post!

    Welcome to Item Maker, the newest feature that will be coming to a version near you.

    The reason for creating this topic is to have all of your answers about this skill all in one place. Before this topic, everything was a bit too scattered to my liking and thus has caused a lot of redundant questions on the forums.

    1. Item Maker
      • What is Item Maker?
      • How do I get the skill?
    2. Using Item Maker
      • The UI
      • Jewels, Crystals, Monster Crystals, Plates, and Powders
      • Upgrading jewels and crystals
      • Upgrading Item Maker
      • Limitations of Item Maker
    3. Deeper Mechanics of Item Maker
      • Odds and Probabilities
      • The variance factor
      • Expanding Item Maker through Gordon of El Nath
    4. Outro & Credits

    1. Item Maker

    What is Item Maker?
    Item Maker is a brand new skill that will be coming to GMS. This skill allows a player to create items, weapons, and armors. Through the skill, one can also imbue the item with jewels and crystals to attain powerful equipment.

    How do I get the Skill?
    First of all you can't be a beginner. Item Maker requires players to have a job in order to acquire it. Cygnus classes are also permitted to have Item Maker, but the Cygnus character cannot be a Noblesse. Finally, you must be level 45. Getting the skill is quite simple; talk to Meren in the farmost right building of Magatia. He will ask you to pay 10k to enroll in Alchemy classes with Carson and Hughes the Fuse. After you've taken these classes, return to Meren in Magatia to complete his three quizzes on Alchemy. Don't worry, there's no penalty for failing any of the quizzes - keep taking them until you get it right. After completing his quizzes successfully, he will grant you the level one Item Maker skill.

    2. Using Item Maker

    The UI

    Below the text "Select the item..." there's a combo box so you can choose which item you want to make. The item requirements are then listed out on the table below it, as well as with any mesos required to forge the equip. The enhancer in the bottom left corner is for using stimulators with the equipment. The bottom right portion is for imbuing your equipment with appraised jewels.

    Appraising Jewels and Crystals

    In order to imbue the equipment with stats that you determine, it's necessary to appraise refined jewels and crystals. The appraisal occurs within the Item Maker UI itself. After a jewel or crystal is appraised, it will come out to be low, medium, or high grade crystals. See the following table for more information:

    Jewels and Crystals Stats

    For the crystals that give "Random" stats - the black crystal only affects the other stats which are labeled as "[1, 2, 3]", Topaz, or Emerald. Dark crystals only affect the other stats which are labeled as "[2, 3, 5]". So if you want to increase the LUK from a weapon, you'd use a Dark Crystal, not a Black Crystal.

    Upgrading Jewels and Crystals

    Let's say you appraise a few jewels or crystals and you're not happy with the results. Consider a situation in which you are a Night Lord creating the ultimate Craven. You appraise a few LUK crystals so you can get the extra 5 LUK that they give. However, your appraisal doesn't turn out so well - you only end up with medium grade crystals that give 3 LUK. Thankfully, Item Maker gives these players an option.

    You have the ability to upgrade jewels and crystals. With 10 appraised jewels or crystals of the same quality, some meso, and a bit of luck, you can upgrade those 10 crystals to 1 crystal of one quality higher. Continuing from the previous example, this unlucky Night Lord could place 10 of his medium grade LUK crystals into Maker, pay some mesos, and have the opportunity to create a high grade LUK crystal. There is a chance of failure, though. If the upgrading fails, you will lose 1 of the 10 appraised jewels you put in. So if this Night Lord continues his bad streak, he'll end up with 9 medium grade crystals and lose the mesos he paid for the chance to upgrade. For more information about the odds and probabilities concerning this feature of Item Maker, please see section 4 of this guide.

    Jewels, Crystals, Monster Crystals, Plates, and Powders

    Each item in maker requires a specific amount of Plates or Powders to create. These plates can be refined through the various synthesizing NPCs throughout the Maple world (you cannot synthesize plates through Item Maker). Powders are also an uncommon drop from random mobs. The color of plate or powder usually has something to do with the color of the resulting item. For example, blue powders are required to create a Blue Battle Road, but red powders are required for the Red Battle Road.

    Monster Crystals are also a necessary part of every recipe with Item Maker. Each Monster Crystal is created by placing 100 ETC items into the Item Maker UI. The level of the mob that dropped the ETC item determines exactly what kind of Monster Crystal you receive. Please see the following table.

    Monster Crystals

    Finally, Jewels and Crystals (Diamonds, Emeralds, LUK Crystal, etc.) are a completely optional part of Item Maker. However, considering all the time and effort placed into creating each item, it would be a waste to not have some customization on your created item.

    Limitations of Item Maker

    There are many limitations when it comes to maker:

    1. The maximum level of items that one can create is equal to "Character Level + 5". This means that a level 45 character could make any item which has an item level below 50, or a level 70 character could create items below item level 75.

    2. You can only make items which are above item level 45.

    3. You cannot use multiple gems of the same type on one equip. For example, this means you cannot use three diamonds or sapphires on a weapon. This also applies to the quality of the gem. So you cannot put one high quality sapphire, one mid quality sapphire, and one low quality sapphire all on the same equip because you can only have one sapphire in total on the equip.

    4. You can only create items from your own job branch. As an example, pirates can only make pirate equips and not mage equips. However, a pirate can create both gun and knuckler equips.

    5. You cannot create items which are common class.

    6. To make items that are beyond item level 75, you must upgrade Item Maker to level 2. To create items past item level 105, you must upgrade Item Maker to level 3.

    7. To appraise Dark Crystals and Black Crystals, you must have level 2 Item Maker. To upgrade Dark Crystals and Black Crystals, you must have level 3 Item Maker. To appraise all other jewels and crystals, you must have level 1 Item Maker. To upgrade them, though, you will need level 2 Item Maker.

    8. Items which are below item level 75 can only have 1 imbued slot. Items below item level 105 but above 75 can only have 2 imbued slots. Items below item level 135 but above 105 can only have 3 imbued slots.

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    Awesomeeee. Now I'm not half as lost as I was about the maker skill. Thanks. :D

  3. Default

    Awesome to see all this info in one convenient thread.

    You should add on how to upgrade the skill level of Maker as well.

  4. Default

    Something that hasn't been explained or talked about from what I've seen.

    What exactly does the Secret Crystal do? It says it lowers the "Level Requirement", does that mean if you make a 120 armor and use that crystal you can equip it at 117?
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  6. Default

    Does that have any actual use? Unless it goes in that fourth slot that isn't used wouldn't it be much better to use the slot the Secret Crystal would go in for something else?

  7. Default

    I suppose. I never saw too much use for the Secret Crystal either. I've never seen any indication that the fourth slot is designated for the Secret Crystal.

    Y'know, now that I think about it, perhaps the Secret Crystal is implemented, but it's secret like a Secret Crystal should be.

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    I was wondering if crystals such as DEX,WIS,LUK,DARK's prices will be skyrocket once maker come out for GMS?

  9. Default

    I'm thinkin it's made from 1 of each normal crystal. That'd make sense.

  10. Default

    And that would also explain the currently unnecessary four slots.

  11. Default

    That depends really. If people know where to hunt they can get tons of crystals. Like Straw Target Dummies drop tons of Dex Crystal Ores, and Wolf Spiders drop tons of Wisdom Crystal Ores.

    I've been thinking the same thing since it's made up of Red, Purple, Pink, and Green.

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    In mSEA , Meren's in the armor shop somewhere near Keeny .
    I'd take an ss but none of my characters are near Magatia =/

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    So, the only way to prepare for making a lvl 120 weapon/armor is to wait for TT and hunt the ETC pieces from them? fail

  14. Default

    Mmm, works in progress xD

    This will be VERY important...
    I believe the biggest barrier for us initially will be getting Mid Grade Monster Crystal C, since I remember people saying lvl 1 Maker only lets you make up to Low Grade Monster Crystal C. That means keep making Monster Crystals from the appropriate lvl of monster etc. drops until by chance you get the Mid Grade Monster Crystal.

    (off topic: dammit I missed MS all weekend >.<)

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    Could you give a little bit more insight on what adding a stimulator to the "Enhancer" slot would do?

  16. Default

    It can change the base stats on the weapon/armor by -9 or +9.

  17. Default

    Thanks. Is it just 9 set in stone, or are those ranges? Such as an item could just be +5 or -7.

  18. Default

    Ranges. So an item with a 110 base can turn out 101 or 119 and everything in between.
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    I'll make a link to eos' topic, but I won't C&P it here.



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