There are a few things about this board that you must take into account when creating topics here.

Bug vs. Glitch
A bug is something that happens in the game that ought not happen. Examples of this are quests not working, things causing you to d/c, or skills that don't work.

A glitch, however, is a fault in the game that allows a player to obtain a significant advantage over other players. This includes item duping, PQ lag hacking, or other such advantages. If you know of a glitch, please report it to Nexon directly through their Customer Support ticket system and do not post it here. If you do not know if something would be classified as a glitch or a bug, feel free to contact me.

Posting a glitch here is specifically forbidden.

Bug reporting
In your bug reporting, try to be as specific as possible about what caused the bug you're experiencing. Even if something you did may seem inconsequential, report it anyway because it might have bearing to the bug at hand. Also, always try to provide pictures if you can!

The following "bugs", however, will not be allowed here:
- General lag
- Pointing out hackers in the game
- Skill or class imbalances
- Getting scammed
- etc.

Expanded user privileges:
In this board, users will have the ability to fully edit their own topics (including the prefix associated with it), delete their own topics, or lock their own threads.