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  1. Default Nexon announces new game?

    Gotten through Twitter:

    Here's a picture of Castle Crashers that he refers to:

    Castle Crashers

    Also, Min Kim, Nexon's CEO, talks a little bit about Combat Arms:

    Interview with Min Kim:

    Dungeon Fighter pictures

  2. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
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    "plays fairly similarly to Action-RPG hybrids like Castle Crashers"

    I suppose I'm interested now.

  3. Default

    The graphics of Dungeon Fighter Online really makes me not want to play it. It looks very old, but it is a huge hit in Korea, so it must be good. I guess this is their main focus now rather than Maplestory.

  4. Default

    This should be pretty interesting. I'm liking the variety of classes available as well.

    I might have to try this out.

  5. Default

    I'm sorry but I could never play a game that looks like that.

  6. Default

    I think the game manufacturer is more important than the game. If you want a side-scrolling game, why choose this Dungeon-thingamajig over LaTale? LaTale is pretty much a newer, spiffier, and LESS GREEDY version of Maple. People gravitate to Blizzard because it puts so much effort and creativity into each game. Compare that to Maple; people gravitate to it becuase it's a good game, but a lot of experienced players wish it wasn't Nexon running it. So, why would you even want to play another Nexon game? The graphics and concept look good, but we all know what Nexon games are about: NX.

  7. Default

    Kinda old, really really old. It just got out of beta. It has been around on nexon's site for a few months now o-o

    And at Quantact, the quality of the game DOES matter. Maplestory is one of the top games in the world; the company that runs it is too. But they have been doing a better job and have actually been caring more about the players now, and a tad less about money. Key word: TAD.

    Anyways, meh, I have never been a fan of these kinds of games.

  8. Default

    That's funny, considering Castle Crashers was spawned from the owners of Their product is more desirable mostly because of the art.

  9. Default

    Yup, it's kinda old..

    But I'm kinda upset that NEXON is going to spend more money on Dungeon Fighter than on MapleStory.. personally, I don't think Dungeon Fighter is going to have more players than MapleStory in the States..

    Well.. maybe it is..

  10. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    I don't see Dungeons Fighter taking off. I saw some videos of it. Seemed boring.

    Did you just called Castle Crashers FAIL?

  11. Default

    The news about DFO is quite old.,1.shtml

    And as for the game itself, it's pineappleing great. If you can't see why, you're more than likely not much over the age-gap of 13-15.

  12. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    I'm 20, and the action seems a bit gritty/slow from two videos. Maybe it'll be faster once I actually give it a shot or I need more videos. If it's anything like LaTale's speed I'll have mixed feelings, where even a Gunslinger seemed boring because despite massive comboing they must stand still piddling, away a target that keeps approaching them. It's like an MS gunslinger forever using Double Shot.

  13. Default

    You are?!

    Oh well. I wish there were a game where you can macro a million attacks in one button. Hell yeah.

  14. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    When you play a Buccaneer and WoW (where you are pressing a new action every 1.5 seconds or LESS), Dungeon Fighter seems slow.

  15. Default

    This game does look awful, but La Tale isn't a lot of fun in my experience either. It is just standing in a mob and mashing all my skills as they cooled down. I like MS because it actually has a platforming element to it and you have a ton of control over character positioning. Plus La Tale's art is ugly.

  16. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
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    I just read about this yesterday in an issue of PLAY magazine or another one, cant remember correctly. They also speculated about Nexon releasing the updated version of Mabingoni (sic) called Mabigoni Heroes, which they said was a more detailed and mature game compared to the first. If that is the case, i might try and play it myself.

  17. Neutron
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    castles crashers is pretty old now... it was fun (and got great reviews)... but >___> i seriously wouldn't care to play it with a keyboard?, much less the fact that your going to be better off playing it on xbox live, god knows what nexon will do to it for profits sake + it being free access and having to deal with a bunch of annoying script kiddies... no thanks

    the game from what i read did ok on xbox live but not great, it had a ton of hype and was co-published by microsoft which is why its probably coming to pc and not the other game systems >___>

    DFO looks really outdated in a market where most f2p games look somewhat decent graphically, i cant see it taking off, albeit it being huge in asia (where your also dealing with a mass number of end users with lower end cpu's...)

    and while it probably didn't live up to their expectations in north america, they should be focusing on kart rider, seriously wtp...
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