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  1. Default P2 != Physical resist

    Sorry if you guys think this is hacking. I'm not using this to abuse the game, only figure out how it works. I can allow that here (as I always have).

    I've been doing some *cough*work*cough* on trying to figure this out. I changed snails to have P1 elemAttr and attacking a snail caused me to d/c on GMS. Figuring this resistance simply wasn't implemented, I decided to move to MSEA where it was implemented. I, again, changed snails to have P1 elemAttr. When I went into MSEA, I did not d/c when I hit the snails. However, I did not notice any decrease in damage. Figuring that there is no such thing as "P1", I changed the property to P2.

    When I finally got around to snails again on MSEA. Here's what happened:

    My Stats

    The Result

    So... what the hell is P-resist? It's not physical, that's for damn sure.


  3. Default

    Poison is S.

  4. Default

    Debuff resistant?


  6. Default


    0.) You're hacking. Ban yourself for being stupid enough to admit to hacking!
    1.) MSEA doesn't actually have the codes implemented yet, whereas GMS does (or GMS has many more h4x preventions in place).
    2.) Nonsense in the variable's descriptor is probably a handled error by the .exe and thus thrown out. Margana has two F2s in there for some reason.
    3.) Maybe P is a specific case. Who knows how specific. Like, maybe regular attacks don't do anything, but skill-type attacks are reduced.
    4.) MSEA's .exe doesn't handle physical resist calculations. Therefore, it might really actually have done 117*.50 = 58.5 damage to the snail, and your client is lying.

    I'll take a look at this when I get home.
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    Uhm... Could it be that it's instead a weakness? Try skills that nobody thought of using there like... Dunno, 3 snails? Or maybe it's against summons.

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    As Temple of Time contains monsters with P2 resistance, it would be hoped that they implemented it:P

  10. Default

    Just try summoning an elemental thanatos and try hitting it with a weapon class.

  11. Default

    Care to show me another monster with P2? Because another monster having P2 is not ringing a bell...

  12. Default

    I thought changing monsters' element attributes through WZ didn't work, or people would be doing damage hacks with elements.

    Unless your "*cough*work*cough*" was more advanced than that.

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    The damage will show up CS but will not be applied SS.

  14. Default

    The client and the server both calculate damage. I'm sure you can think of the reasons why they would do this. But a few things that boggle the ignorant mind is how I manage to kill bot-catching monsters by apparently missing, and the BF "fix" for the 32k damage that Nexon phailed at which resulted in false bans.

    Theoretically both the client and server calculations should be the same. If we can see the changes happening in the client side, it should be the same story for the server too.

  15. Default

    so fiel did you try multiple times to hit a snail and then finally hit a 117dmg to prove there is no dmg reductions or are you saying here you are always hitting 117atk?

    cause in the first case both p1 and p2 seem like the same to me?
    and in the second case p2 is basicaly forcing you to hit max dmg?

    or am i incorrect?

  16. Default

    I just hit max damage to prove that there's no damage reduction. I didn't consistently hit max damage.

  17. Default

    so p1 and p2 do nothing, dmg wise? cant it just be for something they want to implement later on?

  18. Default

    Hm, I thought of something. Maybe the person who typed in the data thought that P (and not S) represented Poison?

    Then again if PB is also S2 that squashes that possibility. Could someone verify?


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    What about "petrify", It might be the same as poison but maybe medusa eyes has a different status?



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