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  1. Default An undiscussed topic about Maker

    I've looked in all of the topics here regarding Maker, and I have not seen anyone post about this, so I thought I would.

    You have the ability to upgrade your LQ (Low Quality) gems into MQ or HQ gems.

    Maker has three distinct groups for upgrading and appraising: STR/DEX/LUK/WIS crystals, Black/Dark Crystals, and everything else. The probabilities and costs for each group differ slightly. It'd be wise to put these in your calculations when deciding what to appraise or upgrade. Please view the following tables to see these differences.


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    e: Fixed... >__>___>

    Sample size = 1000 refined Dex crystal -> first appraisal // 100,000,000 mesos
    740 low grade + 250 mid grade + 10 high grade
    First pass low->mid // 22,000,000 mesos
    266 low grade + 44 mid grade
    Second pass low->mid // 7,800,000 mesos
    93 low grade + 15 mid grade
    third pass low->mid // 2,700,000 mesos
    30 low grade + 5 mid grade
    10 + 2
    New total:
    316 mid + 10 high grade
    First pass mid->high // 15,500,000 mesos
    199 mid + 9 high grade
    Second pass mid->high // 10,000,000 mesos
    125 mid + 6 high grade
    80 + 4 // 6,000,000 mesos
    50 + 3... // 4,000,000 mesos
    End result: 1000 dex crystals + 175,000,000 mesos = 35 high grade. Average cost: 28 crystals + 5000000 mesos.
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    You don't lose 9 MQ. If you FAIL to upgrade to HQ, you get 9 back from the original 10 you put in. Overall loss would be 500k and 1 MQ. Mah bad.

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    But you said if it fails for the rare crystals you get back 1 MQ, not 9... o.o

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    Something else that would be nice to mention is that getting HG Crystals from the initial appraisal has a 1% chance or something ridiculously low.

    For regular jewels, this is 5% instead.

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    Is it worth upgrading the Gems? I mean, apparently Diamond is expensive in KMS because of this system. Would upgrading LQ into HQ be worth it?

    Basically it's gonna be 100 LQ Gems for 1 HQ Gem, and you might get screwed out sometimes looking at the chart.
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    I did mention that... ;_;

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    Yeah, I misread and changed the question.

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    Whoops, missed it xD All I saw were the numbers for upgrading between quality types, since that was the stuff I was interested inxD

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    So you appraise ores instead of actual jewels or plates? I'm pretty confident you actually use jewels, by the look of your signature.

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    jewels, plates, crystals... whatever. They all get appraised in the refined form.

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    You don't upgrade plates, you just use them for certain items. Plates don't add stats, but they're part of the recipes to forge items. For example, you need 4 Adamantium plates to forge most level 100 weapons.

    Jewels and crystals actually have different grades and act as 100% scrolls for the "extra slots" you get when you forge an item.

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    How much do Diamonds go for in KMS?

    You would think Black Crystals would be more then them right?

    Upgrading... hmm o.O

    I thought you got a random quality. I didn't know you had to use 10 of one quality to get a higher one.
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    Okay, thanks.

    Assuming you want HQ-jewels, and have 100 diamonds, you may expect the following amount of meso loss and quality-stones.

    LQMQHQMeso-usage mill

    If you're more into it like Fiel, you may expect these values (4377 jewels):
    4.85.4330.4693 mill

    Looks like this will drain out the mesos in every world, heh.

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    Did maplesea get the crystal upgrading system right away? The system came to kMS like months and months after the initial release.

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    Yes, there is..

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    Oh cool, and I'm guessing you got equipment dismantling along with it?

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    Yeah, everything that KMS has :zzz:



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