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  1. Default Had a good chuckle

  2. Default

    True dat.

  3. Default

    I know, someone once removed their zhelm to reveal a honking huge afro underneath xD

  4. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A


    Look at how similar the igns are .

  5. Default

    been there, done that

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: BuffDaSnail
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 15x
    Job: DrK!
    Guild: Irresistible
    Alliance: IrreForce


    I lol'd at the seller. xD

  7. Default

    lol, if he knew better he would already had npc-ed it

  8. Default

    haha dumb seller
    few days ago a nobb offered on my overal int 60% 2m i lol no and he started calling me noob just coz i didnt buy loll

  9. Default

    ahahaha poor noob.
    You did inform him correctly though, didn't you Fiel?

  10. (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻ Straight Male
    IGN: Namalamadingdong
    Server: LoL NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Break The Meta


    This statement just totaly and utterly confuses the crap out of me... were you S> or B> >_>;

    Anyways. that gave me a good laugh Paul.

  11. Default

    lol@ fiel's etc inventory. From the looks of it he's been to omega sector, florina beach, and the el nath dungeon.

  12. Default

    Or the FM, or Kajitii's inventory.

  13. Default

    I don't see any of my stuff there... o.O

  14. Default

    Point is, clean up your inventory man :U



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