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  1. Default A request from you guys

    The Nexon Announcements board needs an image that says "Forum" that follows along the same style of the other prefixes. Could someone create one, please? I'm terrible at things like this.

    It can be any color - just nothing too garish and as long as it follows the same style as the other prefixes.

    Many thanks for anyone that wants to help out.

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    I'm loving the idea. I may look into this if it's not done by Wed night.

  3. Default

    Did I do it right?

  4. Default

    Maybe more of a pastel, light green instead of the bold green and then it'll be perfect. Thank you.

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    Try looking at the Elin Forest skin. Some of the lighter greens are what I'm picturing him meaning.

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    Didn't see the pastel.

    Maybe an asparagus?

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    Yes! The first one there (pastel) is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you, JoeTang!



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