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  • 5 Stars - Yes! They've really, really stepped up their game.

    20 16.81%
  • 4 Stars - Definitely improved, but Nexon still isn't great.

    58 48.74%
  • 3 Stars - Meh... they're okay. They've done some good things, some bad.

    32 26.89%
  • 2 Stars - Not really. it's still the same ol' Nexon.

    6 5.04%
  • 1 Star - Nexon sucks and has gotten even worse.

    3 2.52%
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  1. Default Been a month since Nexon's Open Letter

    Have they lived up to their promises?

    Quoting from their letter in the Nexon Announcements, they expressed exactly three things they would do:

    1. "We are going to use every technical and legal means to fight against those who use [hacks] and sell [hacks]."

    2. "We will do our utmost over the coming months to deliver to you the best service possible which includes even better updates and events."

    3. "As for Customer Service, we know that it has not been perfect. We will do our best to address your issues, and will continue our improvement within the coming months."

    Since we are consumers, not only is it our job to vote with our hard-earned dollar, it is also our duty to tell companies when we don't like what they're doing. Nexon wrote this letter one month ago. Do you believe that Nexon has made a marked improvement since this letter was published? Why or why not?

  2. Default

    Well, I like how NxPepe's coming out to address glitches, even if incorrectly. Better than their old system. <_<

    I'm loving the way they're shutting down hack sites, though.

  3. Default

    They did SOMETHING with point 1.

    Point 2 is undetermined.

    Point 3 is still lagging. Especially with the showing with the glitched/broken quests ... just, wow -_-; But at least they acknowledge the existence of (possible) errors instead of being silent.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
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    Guild: Contagious


    1) Nothing's broken out, and with the fall of widespread no delay, hacking is pretty much at a stand still. There's only a few ones left, and i haven't seen THAT much abuse of said methods. So i guess in this respect, nexon did a pretty good job.

    2) Eh. KMS updates are hot and a flop at the same time. Other than that, nothing else is that great. I have to see what they roll out for the next few patches to make my decision on whether or not the "quality" has increased, which includes lack of bugs.

    3) I don't use their customer service, but if this includes bugs i suppose they've done an ok job. NXpepe is an idiot but he does try i guess, and he does post fairly frequently on the forums which is the most important thing the higher ups should have done in the first place.

  5. Default

    3 - Yes. They have shown a pretty damn good improvement in how they communicate with us, the consumer, as well as us, Southperry. The inclusion of the Spectrum Goggles in particular seemed to be a "We are acknowledging you" type deal.

    2 - Somewhat. While a lot of the new content is great and was anxiously awaited, the Mapleversary this year is pretty disappointing when compared to last year. It was fun to have random Maple items drop, it gave low levels a way to earn some money, etc. But in general, they've delivered some nice content in a timely manner.

    1 - Somewhat. They've started to publish hacker bans and a number of well-known hackers have been perma'd. However, several well-known hackers have yet to be dealt with, and continue hacking to this day. It's also impossible to know whether the number of hackers has banned has improved or not with published lists.

  6. Default

    For the first point, I believe that they are living up to those promises. They managed to get rid of the major hacking websites, and quite honestly I see few, if any hackers during my game play. It is obvious that the lack of hackers is due to the lack of major hacking websites. Therefore, they seem to have accomplished goal #1.

    As for the second point, I also think that they were living up to their promises for updates. There have been many major updates that have been enhancing game play and I commend Nexon for it. They are doing a great job in this respect.

    As for customer service, I have noticed an increased speed of reply when I log tickets. I recently got autobanned because of my DK's name (MarkzDK), and I logged a ticket. I received a ticket back the very next day. I remember not too long ago when it used to take multiple weeks to get a ticket back. This is probably directly related to the lack of hackers.

    In short, I think that Nexon has finally proved themselves. They set challenging goals and they accomplished them. Good job Nexon.

  7. Default

    I only saw a handful of hackers in .69 and none so far in .70 so I think they're doing a pretty good job with that. They've definitely stepped up their efforts to communicate with us, actually addressing issues we've had rather than closing our tickets and wishing us luck. They're still far from delivering results at the pace I'd like, but it's good to see that they're trying and most importantly, listening to us.

  8. Default

    Yeah I agree. It is nice that they are actually making a solid effort to resolve our problems now. I see hope

  9. Default

    I'm witholding final judgement until i see what they do with my current Crusade For Truth from them.

    Individually so far,

    1) Yes. They're living up to this claim, it's a 4 or 5. I think I lean towards 4 here because there are still several out there who exist and they've made no effort to remove, but they have prevented them from continuing.

    2) This is a serious 2, or 3 at best. This is the lamest anniversary I've ever seen. The GMs aren't doing anything, there are no fake bosses, no puff daddy's and the maple drop rate is just pitiful. They took until the 15th to even tell us where to look for drops they're so darn rare.

    3) This has been quite awful for me. I asked them about an issue, they told me to open yet another ticket on it, I do that and they close the ticket, threaten me, and give me wrong information. They were equally wrong about the quest info they published... but at the same time they do at least seem to be trying somewhat more, at least in thier own forums. Right now it's a 1 to 2. Depending on how they treat my latest ticket and the thread in the forums, it may go up, or it may be cemented firmly as a Fail.

    Average score from these three results is 2 to 3. Lets see if they improve more.

  10. Default

    Please come to Bellocan and track Kiss55 then. They are still here, but they hide in maps like "Wan Wan Spa of Hell" in Zipangu. Ya know, any place any sane player would never be. The fact that a lv 181 hacker that has been reported several times and is still hacking has not been dealt with is pretty obnoxious. But I agree, there has been a sharp decline in hackers.

  11. Default

    1. Not sure on this one.

    2. They've given big updates, but they are glitched as hell. Fail.

    3. They communicate with us, but they are often wrong and don't listen to us. Fail.

  12. Default

    lolserver development is basically at a halt as almost all the head forums are either down and/or no longer allowed to promote such discussion. There's improvement for ya.

  13. Helium Atom
    IGN: HalTurner
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 172
    Job: Corsair
    Guild: Eternity
    Alliance: Infinity


    1) I've noticed the large decrease in both hackers and chinese loot sellers. Meso sellers are still everywhere. Good job on taking down whatever sites they did.

    2) The last patch was great, even if it was just for the Minidungeons and Family system. However, current patch was a let down in comparison to what could have been added and last years update. Throwing in something small like the Mu Lung Gym PQ or the Maker skill would have made it ten times better. Hell, even if they kept Big Puff Daddies spawning in town, this patch wouldn't have been such a dissapointment.

    3) This statement is really unclear. "We're going to improve eventually in ways not specifically stated." It sounds like they're doing it, I suppose.

  14. Default

    1. Yes, they did it. They obviously didn't sue hackers, but they closed many important hacking websites, so it's a 4 for me. Still, as someone else said, there are advertisers and meso sellers everywhere - they should try finding a way to get rid of them, too. Like, closing meso-selling websites. Or maybe they can't do it?

    2. Blah, I'd say it's a 3. The updates are good, but they could be better. Even MapleSEA got better events for the Maple Anniversary, and they could've added something like Mu Lung Training Center with the last patch, at least. I hope the next months the updates will improve.

    3. Customer Service is as before - it sucks. Yeah, probably they're trying to improve it, but it still sucks, and no major changes were made to it. It's a 2.

    4. Why not adding a 4th thing they said they'd do, but they still didn't?
    Tespia. Yes, they said that they would open it for CERTAIN updates, but I thought it meant "for almost all updates BUT Masteria ones". But probably it wasn't like that. The last patch didn't contain anything "great", so NEXON didn't have any reason to not open Tespia before "to make everyone experience the patch at the same time". Probably, if we had Tespia for the last patch, all the KMST Skill changes would've had effect and the number of bugs would've been decreased a lot. I guess we'll have to wait and see for this one - maybe they weren't ready for it.. I don't know. But if they won't open it for the next patch, you can consider this as a 1.

  15. Default

    Because 30 days isn't enough time to do Tespia.

  16. Default

    I'd say they've improved a lot. They squashed the hell out of hackers for the time being, and have done their best at keeping us updated.

    But mucking up something as simple as Skill updates keeps them from getting 5 stars. Tsk tsk.

  17. Default

    I'd say 4 stars, if they hadn't screwed up the skill updates, and gave us some actual content for the anniversary patch, maybe then I'd give a 5.

    Oh, and keep NXPEPE shut in a room somewhere far away from the players.

  18. Default

    I'd say four. They have greatly improved, but there is still a lot for them to do and to fix.

    It seems as if it's finally maturing.

  19. Default

    Comments in bold.

    2 stars.



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