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  1. Default Talk to Nexon about Elemental Wands/Staves

    If you want them to ever clarify this issue on how they're supposed to work, here's your chance. It's up for discussion on the Nexon Bug/Glitch Forums and NxPepe is actually responding to issues lately when they get enough attention, so voice your issue.

    Whether you want them to fix the damage like other versions or not, at least reply to tell Nexon that you want Nexon to explain how they should be working in our version, so that the endlesss debate over whether or not they're broken has a definitive answer.

    Until they understand this is an outstanding question for the Maplestory Magician community at large they are going to continue ignoring it and giving different answers to everyone who sends them a ticket.

    Don't waste time replying here though - Take it straight to Nexon where it matters.
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    Personally, I hate the very existence of the weapons and wish they had just done some adjusting to the AM skill details, but will do.

    Edit: fuuck, Harrisonized is in that thread. Screw that.
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    Yes, but who doesn't love a good argument with Harry?
    Especially when he's wrong.

    Besides, you don't have to reply to him. You're just talking to Nexon at large so they know you have an issue with the weapons.

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    Kay, but the issue doesn't really affect me, I just get this warm fuzzy feeling when I see things work the way they were intended to :P

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    Every little bit helps - besides, at the very least if this gets addressed you get the joy of everyone shutting the hell up over the issue rather than a whine fest every six weeks as the cycular drama of "OMG ITS GONNA BE FIXED" "NOES ITS NOT WRONG" "YOU LIES IT NOT FIXED NAOW" threads pop up.

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    It would be REALLY funny to see about 100 elemental staves/wands appear in the FM simultaneously from po'd Bishops on each server, so I'm gonna request a fix. When I'm not at work, anyways.

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    I want to see this happen! Power to the non-Holy elements!

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    I have to admit that would make me snicker, yes.
    It's semi mean spirited, but really they're abusing a glitch to even be using them at the level of effectiveness they're at and wanting to keep it is no better than FPs wanting to keep bigfoot poisonable even if the reward is to a lesser scale.

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    I was thinking more for the fact that prices will plummet and AMs everywhere will be glee'ing. But yes, they really will drop down to Dragon Staff usefulness or below when implented. It sucks for Bishops who paid a lot for them, esp unknowingly, but eh...

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    As soon as we get Neo Toyko and Temple of Time they'll have other options to replace everything but the level 163 versions.

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    Yep. Be nice to get the Maker Skill so I can make a Black Neos set. Don't really care about Timeless/Reverse equips, as the slow (8) speed for the PAs isn't that attractive to me in comparison to, say, a 120+ Arcglaive, which is the major goal I have for myself at the moment. Once my slinger gets to 120, however, they will matter. They will matter a lot.

    Neo Tokyo could possibly give me more training options (high HP is conducive to mobbing. Status afflictions may be an issue though).

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    Don't even get me started on Maker - I swear the only reason I play any more is to check to see if we have it yet so I can start trying to build shiny new toys. It's literally the first thing I rip apart every new patch looking for.

    Maker is like the poor man's version of scrolling - You put in cheap items that anyone has a chance of obtaining with a little effort and out comes shinies that you may use or sell.

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    Or break down to make MOAR SHINYZ

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    I've been dying to get Maker for months, but it's mostly because I envision the entire scrolled item market collapsing on itself as better items become increasingly abundant, and for this reason I'm hesitant to upgrade my equips, even if it means I'm weaker than most my level for another couple of months. 65 30% gun scrolls saved, a handful of 30% overall dex and 30% shoe jump, tens of thousands of Red Wyvern and Risell Squid etcs, a hundred adamantium plates and a few dozen of each refined feels like any scrolls used now will only be a wasted effort.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious



    I'm still using the equips i had at level 90, and i'm 120 now. Still using a 100%ed bathrobe. Still using an 88 fangz. Still using 9 dex YSS.


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    I need timeless to actually make and upgrade my gear.

    timeless ova, boots, reverse bow. which means i need time temple to come out, too =(

    the gloves can go die, i'm not gonna be able to land another 4x 30%'s on an archer glove.

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    I'll eventually get around to the lv 120 Boots, but that's it. Slow (8) PAs are crap, unless I can get a 140+. Top + Bottom with 2 slots in Maker each > Overall with 3. Gloves I may do, but only if I can scroll a 10 att +. Hat = Not Zhelm?

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    No hat that is class specific will ever beat a zhelm or a scarlion / targa helm. there's no point in it even existing other than for looks.

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    I keep wondering about the true impact this will have there.
    It will certain stretch the definition of "Godly" after the first months.



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