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  1. Default Do these colors work together?

    I'm terrible with colors. I would love some help with this.

    There are four distinct colors I'm using here:

    Purple = 1st Heading
    Blue = 2nd Heading
    Light Grey = Editable/changeable text
    Dark Grey = non-editable text


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    Fact: All guys are bad at colors.

    I think all of the text should be white.

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    Gray gives the false impression that the cell is unavailable. Make them white.

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    I'd personally make the purple a bit darker (because dark purple is sexy) and the greys a touch lighter.

    They look alright as is, but yeah.

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    I had tried that, but that makes those sections stand out too much.


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    Fact: Girls say things that are 50% true 75% of the time. (I know you're a guy lol xD)

    I understand your concept using light and dark shades of gray, but I beg to differ with purple and blue. Those two colors are morose, especially seeing how they're pretty dark.

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    Now I'm going to say something that is true:

    Excel's color limitations suck.

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    Eww excel eww >_>

    Couldn't you try to mask over the cells with pictures or something? Or is that not possible with what you're doing?

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    Fact: 75% of the percentages are made up.

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    Fact: 75% of that percentage was made up.



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