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    today i fed my pet because it was sad and it got +1 closeness

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    I didnt get a ss for you. Sorry.

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    Alriht i have a lot of accomplishments but ima just post in one post so i dont look like a post whore xDDDDDDDDDDD!!!11!

    -jr yeti leveled to 12
    -jr balrog leveled to 6
    -jr cargo thing leveled to 5
    -failed 3 scrolsl in a row xDDDD
    -leveled to 152
    -did first dual pianus with sally, sal, simon and cameron
    -killed some headless horsemen
    -level 30 meteo now
    -stole my fm 2 spot back
    -killed some ppl@newties
    -made a new friend
    -leveld my hog to level 31
    -scrolled a 5int 90 matk wisdom staff
    -scrolled a 44 att scarab <-- godly
    -scrolled a 50 att craven <-- + 7
    -scrolled a 97 metus <-- + 7 also

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    Congratulations Jack!! That is very impressive.

    Today ZippyChris famed me. ^-^
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    Today I recruited a guild member

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    Congradulations Lucas.
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    Congratulations on spelling 'congratulations' incorrectly, Jack.

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    Got IP banned from sleepywood.

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    they made all my posts invisible.

    prolly cause im mexican

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    I'm jealous. They muted my IP months ago.

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    me2. soulm8s.

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    me3. luke i want u back.

    today i read 2 pages of flowers for algernon

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    we're over.

    today I broke this xbow.


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    !!! How supa kawaii! =^_=^

    Today I logged on MapleStory.

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    today u also broke my heart.

    i thot it was me n u forever.

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    man dat nite was fun

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    i feel like im breaking some chain here but..
    i got 35k nx.
    got 8 att wg, 60 mil, 5 dex cape and 7 tobis
    and 40 mill left...
    tobis in mardia are expensive wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    so shtoooooooooopeeeeeeeeeeed
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