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  1. Totally Quit
    IGN: SubIimity
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 156
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Infamous
    Alliance: QUIT

    Red face Post Your Latest Accomplishment

    My thread on several other forums, might as well start it here as well.

    Post your latest accomplishment, be it levelling, scrolling, bossing, questing, finding something, whatever it is. Share it.

  2. Default

    joined =]


    made 75mil of merchant... started merchating for the first time like 5days ago :biggrin:

  3. Default

    My infighter is 1 EXP from level 11, and I am working on flooding his invo with EQ items.

  4. Default

    Ive begun working onmy pirate
    signed up for this site :)
    and begun merchanting

  5. Default

    I thought pirate wasn't released in GMS yet?

    I got level 28.

  6. Default

    After 2 levels yesterday during the 4x... managed another one today.

    142... and I swear I never thought I'd make it to 100...

  7. Default

    lmfao its not released but im getting an early start

  8. Default

    2 Out of 4 in soloing paps!

    3rd one dropped codar + brandish 30!

  9. Default

    Pap with that qt bonaire

  10. Default

    Good job on getting to level 50 ^.~

  11. Default


    4 days ago:

    Started Mardia

    1 day ago:

    leveled to 30


    Leveled to 35

    Leveling at Jr. Grupins now, or CPQ


  12. Default

    Dying 2 times in a row by Crows. That's my accomplishment -_-"

    On a more positive note, I... leveled to 80! :D

  13. Default

    gratz on unban qtie! missed u a lot, dem old wighty's hating on us again. gg on ur accomplishment, hopefully I can join lost sometime in the future and post here!

  14. Default

    thx allie for ur support.

    today i killed a stone golem with melee attack + wooden wand.



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