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  1. Default Talk about completely unfair with the Speed Quiz!

    Seen this man? Yes, his name is Dr. Squint and he's part of the speed quiz. However...

    THIS man is also a part of the speed quiz (yes, it's supposed to be the same picture), and his name is Dr. Feeble. So when this guy comes up, you never know which one to pick and usually end up picking the wrong one.

    Watch out guys. Unfair quiz. :(

  2. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    Chil Nam and Chil Sung(think thats this one), I donno how close they are, but I can't pick up a differnce, least now in 10 seconds.

  3. Default

    I only got 4 right for the quiz anyways. I suck lol.

  4. Default

    Chil Nam has a redder shirt. Chil Sung has a bluer shirt.
    And thanks Fiel for both names. I'd been messing up on that one, so now at least I've got a 50/50 chance.

  5. Default

    Yea,I knew that already :\
    I got to 47 Today, got 735 Leaves...And i got both Dr. Squint and Feeble,which made me fail @ both.. I'd got 49 if it wasnt for those guys >.<

  6. Default

    DR. SQUINT!!! No wonder, thanks a truckload, man!

    Also... what's the exact way to type Schereharazade or something like that? I have it written down on a piece of paper, next to me. I have never gotten her right...

  7. Default

    Schegerazade, and that's copying it directly from the wz files.

    EDIT: Also, JM From tha Streetz is NOT a part of this quiz! It's Mong from Kong. MfK has a red shirt, JM has a blue shirt

  8. Default

    What do you get for getting all of the questions right, anyways? I've already given up due to epic failz.

  9. Default

    Also, Ereska? I type Ereska and get her wrong. She's the ninja from Ariant, near Sirin.

  10. Default

    The spelling is Eleska in GMS. Got her in my last quiz.

  11. Default

    ive seen JM From tha Streetz on it tho o.0 i know it was him cus he had blue shirt.. i still got it wrong tho.. >_<

  12. Default

    JM is a part of the quiz... I got it a few times lol o_o

  13. Default

    is Mong from Kong spelled exactly like that ? cus i could have sworn thats how i type it.. but i still get it wrong.. -_-

  14. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    I typed in just Mong, and it worked.

  15. Default

    wow.. thats gay -_-

  16. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Vernacular
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 100
    Job: Striker
    Guild: EllinForest


    fixed e_e

    Lol I wish I had the ability to do the quiz in kMS. xD

  17. Helium Atom
    IGN: Itachi54647
    Server: Broa
    Level: 7x
    Job: low-dex Hermit
    Guild: Affliction
    Alliance: Om-nom-nom


    What is Serph in GMS? Pomegranate translations are pomegranate. >.>

  18. Default


  19. Default

    Nevermind this post, found the igns

    For those who want to know:
    1st - Bedin
    2nd - Strange Guy
    3rd - Geras
    4th - Guon
    5th - Lil Petit Prince
    6th - Magician Job Instructor
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