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Thread: Subs or dubs?

  1. Default Subs or dubs?

    Subs or dubs?

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    I hate this question. both can be really good. you don't have to pick one or the other.

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    Erm... DBZ = Dubs definitely... However, with Dragon Ball Kai being BRAND NEW, I just either watch the subbed version or I just watch it in pure Japanese. I don't watch any other anime, so I can't exactly say much else. =/

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    I like to watch subs, as they have the original (though they can be wrong...). But I can't see the whole scene because of looking at the subtitles. And only if the dub left everything in (japanese puns don't have to be in it), I would watch it.

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    Dubs are most of the time really crappy...

    Look here... the german a-team fail... (german tv dubs everything... lulz...)

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    Generally, subs, but as said, both can be great if done well.

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    Subs by default, but for animes I like, I'll check out the dub and see if it's any good. I like the dubs of Kino's Journey, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex. I can't stand the Planetes dub. Shinesman has to be the best dub ever.

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    This is a generic question that has to go rot in a trash can somewhere, already.
    And didn't we have a sticky'd topic about this already.

    Both can be good, and at the same time, both can suck ass.

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    Best story ever:
    My friend who worked at a comic shop- held an anime nite every thursday- and almost everytime during the nite at some point he'd run in and yell: DUBS ARE BETTER THAN SUBS!
    which would get all the ubersupergeeks into a frenzy.
    He did it for the lulz

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    Subs. Rarely do dubs sound good but when they do, I enjoy them.

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    I'd rather eat a sub than smoke a dub.

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    Subs was here. Dubs is a f'aggot.

    I'll take things in their native language, unedited and uncensored, thanks.

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    I've preferred Subs lately. They just sound nicer, in my opinion.

    EDIT: Oh wow, this reminded me of...

    Makes the English dub look very very nice...

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    Most dubs suck, I usually just stick with the subs. And plus, they swear in subs. :P

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    Subs. This applies to more than just anime, too.

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    I concur. Though I think this holds true for most things, such as foreign music, shows, movies, whatever. I feel that changing it in any of the cases, not just anime, diminishes the value.

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    Japan-born cartoon shows do not have 'swear words' in them. The Japanese language does not consist of 'swear words.' When they swear, they use the English words. What's 'subbed' in to whatever language you have it subbed to, if it says a swear word and it's not the English word that is spoken, then the person who did the subs mistranslated it.

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    Or it's the cultural representative of the english word.

    What subbers usually do is rate in on a scale of vulgarity. Of it's this vulgar it corresponds to this. It's creative license really.



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