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    I've been trying to get rid of as many forum bugs as possible. Please let me know of anything that doesn't work on the forums as it should. Thank you.

    The following issues have recently been fixed:
    - Clicking on "Private Messages" after you've received a private message on Firmament and Fusion now works
    - Made the navbar have the same links across all forums and skins
    - Fixed searching in Firmament and Fusion skins
    - Fixed inline moderation not working on all skins
    - Fixed the Pink Teddybear showing at the footer in Firmament and Fusion
    - Fixed the Forum Jumping security token error in the default skin

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    The what?

    Not really a bug, but it's been bugging me since you "fixed" the calendar.

    The buttons are out of alignment and such.

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    You know when someone makes a [Nexon] announcement thread, and then a moderator moves it to the Nexon Annoucements section? Well, after the move, the person who originally made that thread can't post in his own thread anymore.



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